B&S Intek on a steep incline

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by Chadm1garand, Apr 27, 2014.

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    I have a 60" Swisher trail finish mower that I installed a Briggs Intek 21hp engine on. Briggs Model #331977-0001-G1 made in 2012. When I'm on a steep incline it will sputter and shut down. If I go to a relatively flat area it will re-start and run fine until I hit another steep hill. Otherwise it runs great. I used to have this problem on the old engine (older I/C) and putting the oil slightly over the full line fixed the problem.

    Does this Intek engine have a low oil shutoff? I looked hard all around the engine and I dont see a sensor. If its not a low oil shutdown then how about the float design in the carb? I am researching EFI setups and aftermarket carbs, but I'd like to know your thoughts.
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    Raising the float might help too. Does it do it only going horizontal or vertical as well? Most engines tolerate 30 degrees without problems. You might try a diaganol pattern too.
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    This sounds like a finish mower pulled behind a tractor, not a ZTR. Though I guess hills are still hairy on a tractor. Maybe even more so... I would think its a carburetor issue, but I don't know jack about carburetors, so I couldn't tell you what to do about it. A friend is into rock crawling, and those guys prefer EFI due to the extreme angles they often find themselves in causing the carbureted engines to starve for fuel. I think something like that could be what's going on with your finish mower
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    Correct this is a Swisher trail mower that I pull with my Polaris Ranger. I want to be sure that its not an oil shutoff first, but I can't confirm it. There is one ground wire going from the carb selenoid to the block to the left of the carb. If it does have an oil sensor it is entirely interior in the block.

    I'm seriously considering an EFI system, but I've only found two offerings - one from Ecotrons for about $700 and another from MBE Motorsports for about $400. $400 isnt so bad as long as it works.
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    I think you can bolt a Kohler EFI onto the swisher.


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