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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by General Landscaping, Jul 17, 2005.

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    My Intek 14 HP was becoming a real slug.... got to the point where I was having to slow to a crawl for just slightly tall grass.

    To make a long story short...... found barely any lift on the intake valve.

    Local shops are backed up 4-6 weeks, so I tear it (the engine) down and find the intake lobe on the cam is almost a perfect circle!

    Ordered the cam and various gaskets/seals and re-assembled. WOW! I forgot what kind of performance I used to have.

    The new cam has a slot cut across the gear side journal...... (looks like it's for some kind of aux. drive?) I'm not too crazy about it, but that's the number it got supersceded to.

    This engine is right around the 2 year mark, mowing 20 yards +or-.
    With the situation at the local shops, and performing the repair myself, do I have any recourse with Briggs for rembursement of parts or labor? It's not a lot, but this should not have happened.... the rest of the engine looked great.
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    If the engine was still within the warranty period or within 30 days out, A Briggs service center would have done a warranty repair on the engine for you. As for warranty reimbursement to a consumer for doing a home repair,Not possible. One must be a registered Briggs and Stratton Service center before recieving warranty benefits.
    BTW; This cam is used in multiple engines and the slot in one end is for the oil pump drive.
  3. General Landscaping

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    $61 in parts and a couple of hours (at night) wrenching is a small price to pay compared to putting a machine down for 4-6 weeks........ It still sucks though.

    Maybe the 4-6 week backlog is a powerful tool to sell new mowers instead of warranty engine repair?

    Have you ever seen a cam wear down one lobe so badly that the engine maxes out at 3200 RPM no load? Engage the blades and another 200 RPM disappear.

    After repair things are right back up to 3600 loaded or not.
  4. Restrorob

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    Yours is the second one I've heard of Doing this, Just last wednesday a customer brought in a Generac gen-set with a Intek pro 7 hp. on it,It's their only power source so I got right on it, Found it popping back out of the carb. and bogging, I pulled the valve cover and found the intake valve not opening enough. This unit is right at a year old so I called Briggs and they said they would send a complete shortblock assembly rather than a new cam and gaskets. They may have done the same in your case also. I understand about the back log at your local dealer, We all are at this time of the year, But I have NO back log for commerical users just as soon as they pull in the gate I'm all over them so they can get back to work, If I don't have the required part in stock I will go into our showroom and pull it off a brand new unit. So we not only sell a unit but we sell the service with it !
    At least you got it strightened out so you can continue to rake it in thats what counts.
  5. Redneckn

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    Currently, we are seeing loads and loads of Briggs singles with camshaft problems. All over the country, from every type of machine being taken care of in any manner. This is something that briggs has known about.
    We are fixing them left and right on this end. I would go so far as to say that out of 10 calls i get with a briggs single, 7 of them are camshaft related.

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