B&S Vanguard 18hp "Surging"

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by DENALI, Apr 17, 2010.


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    I have a Briggs 18hp Vanguard in my mower i believe the model # is 350447. It is "surging" when its running at virtually all engine speeds. Pretty much sounds like a blown & injected race car engine does at idle. When wide open and mowing you cant feel it surging but it does sound like its doing something "off" through the muffler, not really backfiring but more subtle.
    This mower only has 33 hours on it over 3 seasons and has always had fresh gas and i have always mowed for the last time of the year with stabil in the tank so its worked its way through the carb as well to keep it from gumming up over the winter.
    If Anyone can give me some things to check on this i would appreciate it greatly. Thanks
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    The carb. would be the first I would check. Does it level out if you apply choke a little?

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