B&S Vanguard Blowing Oil

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by krgrn, Jul 19, 2004.

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    My problem came back. I originally posted an issue with oil burning after about fifteen minutes of running on a new motor. The motor quit blowing oil after about three hours of runtime and I thought everything was ok. Per a couple of replies if the motor had been flipped on its side during shipping the oil may have been burning off. After about ten hours on the motor this weekend the motor started burning oil again. I checked oil level and everything looks good. I took the breather off and the crankcase vent tube had dumped quite a bit of oil into the carb throat. Another interesting item is that this only happens when I have the deck engaged and the mower moving. I can run just the deck for twenty or so minutes and no oil smoke or I can just ride around without the deck engaged and no smoke. Engage deck and move the mower and there she blows!
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    Hello krgrn, I would suggest first that you get the engine to a dealer for warranty work since its new. If the oil level is right as you say that would rule out fuel running through the carb and raising the oil level and thinning it at the same time. This can cause oil to blow by the breather and into the carb and likely cause serious engine damage. This problem would just about have to be a faulty crankcase breather that is on its way out.


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