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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by bababooie, Oct 26, 2002.

  1. bababooie

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    why on the scags adv. they say how much per acre their machines can mow per 8 hrs. if i send one guy out there with a scag tiger cant he cut 20 acres and finish the next day,or have a cdixie with it to cut it in one 60 per acre and 30 cuts it should be worth it ? i have 75 residentials also. help me out bros.
  2. KenH

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    Whoooaaa... you just gave me a headache:confused:

    What exactly are you asking?? Is it if a Dixie is faster than a Scag??
  3. bubble boy

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    bababooie your answer is

  4. gogetter

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    guy if you want people to help you out then take the time to write a post that we can read!
  5. Swampbeast

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    I dont understand your question, rewrite it please.:confused:

  6. I belive he is asking if he should get a Dixie because he is having trouble mowing 75 resi'a a week with his Scag.

    Now what you read on like Scag and Exmark that is straight mowing time, does not include trimming, blowing, etc..

    I belivie your problem may not be the mower, but your pricing, scheduling etc... The mower is easy to blaim, but if you have employees and they are not cutting the cheeze so to speake you have to investigate it further..

    Also if you are referring to cutting 35 acres in 1 day, trim it and blow it with a 52" mower, it aint going to happen from us telling you. Can it be mowed at full tilt all day. there are a lot of questions to ask yourself.
  7. KenH

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    See, what I got out of it is he cuts 20 acres (plus 75 residentials) and is wondering if he should have 1 guy with a scag cut the 20 acres in 2 days, or buy a dixie and have 2 guys cut the 20 acres in 1 day. BTW, he gets 60$ an acre, and cuts it 30 times a year.:D

    (I have a 2 year old.)
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    Short hand? -Pig Latin?- Foreign Exchange Lawn Cutter?
  9. You forgot "bababooie" is Howard Stern-ish.
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    I could read it. But I cant spell, so that helps me! :D Id say if you have the money, you should have a back up mower anyway! Go for it.

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