Baby oak trees in St. Aug all over the place

Discussion in 'Florida Lawn Care Forum' started by williams lcm, Mar 27, 2011.

  1. williams lcm

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    How do i get rid of little baby oak trees growing in my grass? I know you can mow over them but are back a few days later. Probably a few hundred under my trees. thanks
  2. Oaks will do that as a stress response usually from an oak that has been overpruned. Not sure how you can selectively remove them without damaging the turf.....
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  3. abrightday

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    Mowing them or weed eating them, or pruning with a hand snips, is all you can do, weed control could kill your oak tree. I saw 5 very large oaks in Ft. Lauderdale die due to atrazine, then round-up applied to oak sprouts, they come right off the root and pull it all in,,
  4. zturncutter

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    This time of year it can be all those acorns sprouting, especially if it is out away from the tree and not root suckers. If its from the acorns after the grass thickens up and you continue to mow in the season you will kill most of them.
  5. williams lcm

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    Thanks, it is from the acorns. I pulled some out and sure enough a little acorn is attached to the stem coming out of the ground. The rest of the lawn is beautiful except for the area with the buried acorns.
  6. JB1

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    pull them, pot them and sell them.
  7. punt66

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    Just mow them over, they will go away.
  8. zturncutter

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    Several years ago, when we still had a construction industry in this state and a booming landscape market that is what I did with a couple hundred of them from the Live Oaks.
  9. Ric

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    One time I had a 5 gallon Bucket full of Live Oak acorns. I also had a small Mist House that was sealed like a fog house for Cloning and Germinating seeds. There is a whole section of the Nursery Business that does nothing but supply starter plants called "Linners". Linner production in done in mist or Fog Houses and there are many Mom & Pop linner suppliers. They can do it on smaller property than a growing Nursery.

    If there was a Market for it, This is the time of the year to purchase Linners and step them up. By Snowbird comeback day they should be reasonable looking 3 gallon material. Once again there is a whole Cottage industry that does that as Full or Part Time job. The smaller growers will normally stay with one or two varieties while the big boys grow everything. Of course there are Plant brokers who act as middle men buying and selling wholesale plants

    BTW I don't feel free to tell who. A Member here is growing annuals and selling them to Disney World among other places. Annual sell cheap but the Quick grow time and high volume make it very profitable. The big annual grower here in Florida is Lovell Farms in Homestead. They supply all the Big Box stores.
  10. JB1

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    the state of indiana has a couple of nurseries where they grow them and sell them for conservation purposes.

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