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    How do you attach the Bac-Vac to the Super Z? I've never seen one in person and hope to get one before spring mowing starts...especially if it is as wet as last year. I like the finished look of mulching, but it caused problems w/ spreading Red Thread last spring. Mulching seems to just distribute the infected turf to other areas of the yard. I've read on the Hustler site that no tools are required to install the "hopper" and I'm curious as to how it attaches. Thanks for your help.
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    When you install the unit for the first time there is a bracket that you bolt in place of the rear bumper which you will remove.
    This bracket cradles and is the mount for the container, it has 2 pins that you use to retain the container to the bracket, you need no tools to remove and install them.
    On the deck, you are going to remove the discharge chute and mount bracket and you are going to install the blower mount bracket and install a double pulley in place of the right spindle pulley.
    The blower mounts to a pivot pin and is retained by a pin that you need no tools to remove and install.
    So as you can see, you need no tools to remove and install the Bac-Vac once the original installation is complete.
    This is a very simple set up that we have been using since 1995, when the Bac-Vac was first introduced.
    I can e-mail you a owners manual for the Bac-Vac before you buy it, so you can see how easy this really is.
    Let me know

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    Thanks PJ for the prompt response. Sounds awesome and really simple. I'll definitely get in touch prior to the purchase.

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