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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by KSB, Mar 31, 2012.

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    Hello: What are you guys charging for a man with a really good back pack blower per hour. Most of our clean ups are 90 % with the blower with some of them using the blower for 10-20 hours?
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    Figure out how many hours your blower is rated for, before you have to replace it.

    Divide that into the cost of a replacement blower.

    Add that number on top of your employee hourly cost.This is your R.O.I. or Return on investment for the blower. Then you also add your company yearly overhead costs the same way, and top it off with a small profit if you can.

    The R.O.I. for equipment is usually spread out over a few years.

    Use that money to buy a new blower when the time comes. That way your clients are paying for your new equipment and it doesn't come out of your pocket directly.

    The same principle applies to all equipment, computers, vehicles, trailers etc.
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    I usually figure 1.25 or 1.5 times what you bill out for the man running the blower. Figuring an ROI on hand tools is hard because of their life expectancy. They usually depreciate in one year and should be billed out as such. Example, if you bill out at $15.00 per hour that man with a blower would be billed out at 22.5 on on the high end and 18.75 on the low end. Mowers and larger assets are a different ball game in my opinion and you have to figure your ROI because they involve significant overhead and should be billed out accordingly.

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