back flip on a mower

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by gammon landscaping, Mar 1, 2006.

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    now i don't mow, i just do installs of lanscapes and yards. but i was talking to one of my customers today and we told me a scary story. we bought a brand new ztr mower i think scag, to mow his yard. he has a creek running in front of his house. he was mowing along side the creek when he got to close and slid of side ways down the bank. he said we was almost looking straight up. this is when he decided to just to drive back up the bank and the mower did a backflip on him. then we was traped under water under his mower. luckly his son was there and saw him and got him out before he drowned. but he did do some pretty serous damage to his back and neck. after this he traded for a 4wd kabota with a bucket. just thought it was a story that you guys would want to here
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    Sounds like a person who really should consider hiring someone to do his yard mowing. Glad he survived at least.
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    All the safety stuff says to stay away from banks leading to water's edge and that is only common sense if you run equipment.Whenever you get new equipment the warnings are there for the careless people too!He could put the
    tractor in the drink pretty easy too!They make push mowers and trimmers for
    these very reasons.
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    We have a customer who decided that he could spray his steep lot easier and cheaper himself. He was walking on the wet grass while using a hand held sprayer he slipped and fell to the bottom. Luckily a steel retaining wall caught him before he fell into the river. He ended up in a body cast for the rest of the summer. He's a loyal spray customer now.
    Later when I was talking to him he said he couldn't believe how we were able to walk on the lawn so easily. I told him maybe he should have looked at our feet first. We wear golf shoes on his lawn. He almost cried when he realized it.
  5. Envy Lawn Service

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    I have been in a few hair situations with ZTR's and steep drop-offs.

    It's always the least expected things that actually end up happening.
    And when they do you can find yourself in a world of trouble in a split second.

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