Back from England and Sweden. Just some thoughts.

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by FIMCO-MEISTER, Aug 19, 2010.

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    Glad to have you back Fimco. Sounds like you had a good time. It's always nice when the kids don't mind spending time with Dad. Like to see how you hook up your pigtails to the Brits timers. They're left-handed aren't they? :laugh:
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    Sounds like a heck of a good time, Pete.

    Good to see you back around.
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    I love this image.
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    Hmmmm, what kind of pot? :confused:
    Welcome back, FIM. :ukflag::swedishflag: :usflag:
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    As socially liberal as I am I have to agree with the gripe of ADA. It has plagued me for many years now. I own several historical buildings that we have had to change significantly to comply with ADA. Historical relevance has no bearing on ADA compliance, Europe would have a hard time complying.

    A few years ago I was having a burrito in a local Mexican food restaurant. There was a table next to mine where three mothers had a detailed map of the town (Sonora) out on the table and their daughters in wheel chairs were surveying the map. They were going over which retail locations were ADA compliant and which were not. The girls in wheel chairs were going store to store to try to gain access. I found out later that they were sub-contracted by an attorney in Chicago (several thousand miles away) to go store to store in Sonora to find non compliant business so that the attorney could then pursue a lawsuit on behalf of the "daughters in wheel chairs" trying to access the bathroom or whatever. Apparently there is a cottage industry hiring handicapped people to pursue ADA violations by private attorneys. The handicapped people have a cause, but unfortunately there are some that are banking on it.
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    Wheelchair chasers.

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    matt...........that's no mower.

    she's using ground penatrating radar to document the valves, lines and heads in her yard.

    it's a big, big deal with retired irrigators.

    that's what i'm shooting for :laugh:

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    I'll say it again Argos

    The biggest difference between us and them is we are a country built on lawsuits. Lawyers have f@cked us so bad in this country.

    If we could recoup half the money paid to greedy slimeball lawyers that think nothing of driving businesses into bankruptcy we'd probably could pay off our national debt.
    It should be no surprise that tort reform was left out of the health care bill. Lawyers own our govt.
    it's my understanding that only about 8% of the current administration has any business experience.
    Law school where they become elitist pr!cks>>>>community service>>>> to the govt.
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    Bingo Fimco! (Sure like to see the pic people are ranting about... I've always wanted to come back as a young girls bicycle seat, but Shirley Mclean said that's out of the question:cry:)

    I know that in Holland, if you sue and loose, you pay all the costs for the defendant plus penalties.

    If you do something intentionally or inherently dangerous and claim the American victim hood status, the court will say you were stupid to do it, now get out.

    Remember the McDonalds hot coffee at the Drive-through incident? We said "oh poor baby they should have warned you the coffee was hot" Now every cup of coffee has a warning label, there they say, "What did you expect? You ordered hot coffee, now get out"

    Hell I've got boots that say TGIF on them as a CYA for the manufacturer (Toes Go In First).

    I've spent some time in Europe, mostly Holland, Germany, Belgium some time in Switzerland (Zurich). Beautiful, incredible transport systems and historical sites. But many of them are still social democracies limiting upside to income for all but the very few.

    I can work as hard as I choose here, be innovative and make boodles of dough that is still taxed under 40% (for now).

    Europe is a great place to visit, as is Asia but there is no place like home!:usflag:
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    Dont let boots know ya getting taxed at under 40% , that old dude will have a coronary.

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