Back from England and Sweden. Just some thoughts.

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by FIMCO-MEISTER, Aug 19, 2010.

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    :laugh::laugh: Glad you had a great time!

    The architecture blew me away.
  2. starry night

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    That's what happens when the Big One comes; you go to bed fine, then you wake up dead.
  3. AI Inc

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    Thats one of the reasons we have lower bills to pay. Lot less spent on prisons , courts parole ect.
  4. Wet_Boots

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    all dem repubblekin pollytishins.....
  5. Tom Tom

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    so they get ya coming and going, thanks, but no thanks
  6. qazwsx

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    it's all about "homebrew", crisp bread and cheese

    all real swedes outside the larger cities make their own

    add brown food color and call it "whiskey", add nothing and call it vodka

    in general the food sucks unless you find a real Turkish run kabob shop or lucky enough to know someone who hunts moose

    I know because my swedish wife and our kids spend summers north of stockholm
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    Summer in Sweden would be a dream. we took a boat ride up to Sigtuna. beautiful countryside and the water is so clean. like being in a bay only the water is fresh. 1200 islands scattered though it.
    Swedes sure love their boats. I saw many wooden boats that had been meticulously maintained. early morning kayakers as well.
    we stayed in a hotel in which each hall shared 4 bathrooms. It was budget but they couldn't have been nicer. The office manager spent 30 minutes outlining on a map how to enjoy Stockholm in three days. they spoke clearer english for me at least than the brits.
  8. qazwsx

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    yes, lots of old boats and most swedes own a summer house on/near the water, beautiful stuff for sure

    if not rainy then Sweden is perfect summer for kids, gone all day exploring and back at midnight, always light 24/7 June and July

    then is all comes crashing down for 9 months of winter darkness and despair, single 45watt bulbs, squinting, dirty snow, staleness and depression, yikes not the best
  9. Buck_wheat

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    Well I paid a lot less under RONALD REAGAN... sad to say I pay top fed rate even after my questionable business expenses.
  10. Buck_wheat

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    107... you must near Brownsville; Only other place I know get's that hot down there is around the Austin chalk... used to do a little wildcatting there while oil was King back in the days of my misguided youth.

    I think a flat tax across the board, say 15% with exclusions for those earning (nota bene) less than poverty level.. put welfare leeches to work; sterilize baby machines, attorneys and politicians; really enforce existing laws AND the death penalty will go a long way to creating parity.

    Hell even in the sunshine state if you are 13 and you go out and intentionally commit murder, you're going to the big house for life (I've got no problem with that on account I'm 57 and even when I was 13 I knew it was wrong to murder people).

    And speaking of being 57, I'm not so sure I would be agreeable to rationed health care. The Germans tried that in the 30's following the collapse of the Weimar Republic and the rise of the Nationalist Solicialist Labor Party. First mentally and physically handicapped, they got comfortable with that, then the aged, and they got comfortable with that and what followed was Gypsy's, Jews and other UNTERMENSCHEN...

    Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it (by the way, in many states world history is no longer required curriculum).

    But enough of that, I truly desire the much touted bicycle photograph and hopefully a photo of Elizabeth from Boots, I want to come too:rolleyes:.

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