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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by PCM-LC, Sep 14, 2004.

  1. PCM-LC

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    On Monday August 30th, my entire landscape rig was stolen from my home. It was parked in the driveway beside my house. It happend during the day while it was raining. Believe me hitch locks and cables did not even slow them down. Fortunately I have insurance but I will still lose about $2000 in deductive and tools that were not listed.

    I have replaced most of the equipment except for the Littlewonder blower. I will never leave my equipment on the trailer again when I am not home. I got a 12' x 24' building and plan to install an alarm/camera system. I found a product on the internet called "Trailer Keeper" which is a boot lock for trailer. They advised that one would work but I got two to double up on protection. Hopefully someone will benefit from my experience.

  2. Mo Green

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    Man that sucks. Sorry to hear about you losing all of your gear. Can you tell us more about this Trail Keeper?
  3. PCM-LC

    PCM-LC LawnSite Member
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    They have a website

    I called the order in on a Friday at 11:00 am and had them shipped overnight Saturday delivery. Cost of two units plus freight was $210.00

    We use them to protect the empty trailer setting in the driveway and some of our large commercial accounts where we may be 50 to 100 yards away from the equipment.

    I manage a security distributor and have been thinking about an alarm system for the trailers. It would need to have motion/proximity sensing and arm/disarm via remote control (keybob)

    According to the sheriff, there apears to a gang that steals just power equipment and comes thru our area twice a year (spring & summer)
  4. Gravely_Man

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    That is some awful news. Hopefully this will not happen again as it sounds like you are taking some serious precautions. Sorry to hear about being out of $2000.00 as well. People will steal anything and everythingÂ…what a shame.

  5. out4now

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    If they want it bad enough ther's no stopping them but the more deterents you have the more work it is so they may move on. Got a dog? Pound is full of 'em and you can get a friend as well. I would think teeth would be a good deterent.
  6. BladesAway

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    I live in Creek county otherwise what is called "Crook County" I am always afraid of having something stolen. I put motion sensor lights on my house by my trailer and have a motion sensor in my garage where I keep my equipment. Hope they catch those deadbeats and put them in jail for a long time. Hey you may want to tell your insurance agent what all you are doing to prevent this from happening again and maybe you rates will remain close to where they are now.
  7. MudslinginFX4

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    PMC-LC, sorry to hear about your bad news. Is there anything that I might be able to help you out with as far as keeping my eyes out for some equipment? Did you have anything that was unique that I would be able to recognize when I am out working and see other LCO's? What about your trailer, did you have your name on it or anything?
  8. Mo Green

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    That locking system is great idea. Thanks for the info.
  9. PCM-LC

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    Cameron, thanks for the offer of assistance. We are currently part time but my son plans to take the business full time next year. I live in Knightday off of Hodge Rd and the following is a list of items stolen:
    2003 Load Trail 7' x 14' dove tail trailer
    2003 Scag TT with a 27hp lc Kawa (120 hrs)
    2002 Toro 36" Hydro W/B with TruTrack sulky (75 hrs)
    2004 Toro Super Recyler (20 hrs)
    2003 Littlewonder 6 hp blower (50 hrs)
    (3) Husky 323L Trimmers and (1) Husky edger
    Stihl BG85 Blower
    Stilh HS45 Hedge Trimmer
    Work box with $500 in tools

    I have observed many of your posts and it appears that you have been at this game for a while. This is our 3r year and 90% of our customers are commercial or industrial.


  10. STAN1366

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    Sorry to hear about having your stuff ripped off. From time to time, someone posts a thread about equipment getting stolen. Maybe it could be another forum? I've got a list of all of my equipment, but not all the serial numbers and no pictures of what I own on file. It's not a bad idea to have a detailed record of all equipment just in case it ever gets stolen. The pictures would help ID any unique details of equipment "for sale" in another part of the country. Whoever steals this stuff has to sell it somewhere. All mowers and blowers(of a particular brand) look alike, but trailers can have our own 'modifications' that can help ID them just by sight.

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