Back pack blower killing my shoulder

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    Actually the top attachment isn't so standard. I thought the webbing was just wrapped around slots in the top and then attached with a buckle. The webbing is sewn closed and a little ummmm...key for lack of a better term...sits in a slot. It was getting dark and I couldn't really see what I was taking pictures of but here they are. Bit out of focus to. I pulled the top one out of the slot so you can see it better...of course focus is worst on that one.....




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    Definitely go see the doctor, it wouldn't hurt to have the blower in your truck incase he wants to see how the straps sit across your shoulders. I am only 20 and I have the lighter 130BT and I have used it for 3 hours on leaves before with no problems, except for the lack of power. Only 150mph, great on blowing off streets and sidewalk and mowing, but with any heavy leaf cover you have to constantly move in a pattern to move the leaves.

    -Michael :weightlifter:

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