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    Ok Im going to do some of my own weed control this season. Yes I am geting the license and have insurance.
    My question is this. Which back pack sparyer is the best bang for the buck, and most reliable, what about these battery operated ones.What should I look for in a sprayer and gun. 2 nozzel set ups etc.
    I am going to sub out the bigger properties too weedman. Im just going to do the small residentials.
    Also anyone tried the new lesco drop and broadcast spreader. How accurate is the drop part.
    thanks for all the help

  2. grassguy_

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    Solo has been pretty durable for our use, they've been fairly maintenance free. We never use the standard wand that comes with them but adapt it with a sprayer system's wand that we can adjust both tip size and volume of output.
  3. kppurn

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    I have an SP0 backpack sprayer made by Swissmex. I bought it at Northern Tool. No problems after one season of use.

    As far as a spreader, I use the Lesco 80 lb. stainless steel model. Trouble free as well.

    I almost forgot, I have a Lesco backpack as well. It's a 4 gallon tank like the SP0. I got it at the end of last season and haven't used it much yet.
  4. Field General

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    Pro...I have two solo backpacks that I abuse on a regular basis.They have been working for me for three years now.Replacement parts are easy to get from my local supplier or from Gemplers, fortunatley for me, I have not needed any yet.
  5. MudslinginFX4

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    I too use solo backpacks. I haven't had any problems with them. I picked them up at my local Agri Supply.
  6. quiet

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    ***I have an SP0 backpack sprayer made by Swissmex. I bought it at Northern Tool. No problems after one season of use. ***

    Me, too. Excellent purchase. I think it was $130. Took all of 2 weeks to pay back.

    I use the Spyker stainless steel spreader.
  7. Ryan Lightning

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    Right now I use a 6 gal gas powered backpack sprayer with a 2 are 4 tip boom. Works great on small lawns. Ive sprayed up to 35,000 sqft. It was a pain, but it works.

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