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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Andyinchville2, Sep 29, 2004.

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    I recently landed a job that requires massive amounts of weedeating (probably a straight 22 Hours or so (based this on how long it takes to weedeat the average lawn and multiplied it by the number of homes to do).....I'd split the job over 2 days....the mowing would take awhile also...

    The properties are full of dips and humps and obsticles to trim under and around....making the standard trimmer strap virtually useless....

    I know that Shindaiwa makes a backpack weedeater but for whatever reason they do not or will not import it to the US.....Probably EPA or something.....BUT I feel I really want / need one to help my trimming man out......12 straight hours would probably kill him but I really don't want to hire an additional man to simply weedeat (extra man is extra cost and all the headaches associated w/ training and hoping he is reliable etc...).....I think the Back pack is the best solution unless antbody else out there as ideas (we have all shin trimmers, t230 / t270 and t350 but all would get heavy after hours of use)......Any an all ideas would be greatly appreciated. (I think Solo may have one but I can't find their web site....Any other websites to check out?)

    Thanks Andrew
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    Husky had one years ago but price was over $1k.

    Just get a 32+cc, bike handle if you need it and save money. I dont feel that they were worth the extra money.
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    Also check out the walk behind units. like the DR Trimmer type units.

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