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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Petr51488, Nov 6, 2007.

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    I bought a Backrack a while back and will be putting it on my truck when it comes in. I bought the one without the toolbox attachment. My question to those of you who have them is.. Is this sturdy enough without the toolbox bars? (the one without the toolbox has shorter bars) I remember reading somewhere that they can bend if you dont have the toolbox addition. Is this true? I'm not looking to tie a trailer to it, but if i tied an atv to it to keep it from moving, will it bend it back? What about if i put 2x6's up against it (like they show a picture with a ladder resting up against it). Will this thing hold up?? If i have a bed liner put in, will the backrack still be able to be put in? Or do i put the bed liner then the backrack? Thanks guys
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    Mine has the toolbox mounting bars- the guy at backrack told me you get much more strength with teh longer mounting bars, plus I wanted the flizibility of being able ot add a toolbox later on. I would think that yes, they would definitely bend easier than the toolbox bars- not sure at what point though. Mine has no problem holding back my quad in my truck. I've had 8- 12"x20' pressire treated beams on mine- handled it fine- they're built really well! I put mine on with the bedliner in the truck- it was a PITA to do though, as my truck has a drop in bedliner. :waving:
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    You will be able to tie your atv down to it no problem. I have the toolbox brackets on mine, but all they are ar just extra steel. Theres only two bolts holding in the back rack.

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