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Went back to the cemetery today to see what damage they incurred during last week's lightning event. They had said that one of the ICC's was blown off the wall - not so, neither one damaged in the least. Rainsensors both OK, PSR-B-s both okay. Start running zones, oops 2 in a row on same controller have blown solenoids. And one of the pumps has blown its discharge piping completely off, must have been deadheading on the fried solenoids.

Replaced solenoids, ran and got galvanized parts and repiped both pumps all the way to the 1st horizontal turn underground. Installed check valves on each discharge side to keep them from pumping against each other with PRV's downstream of checks.

Everything looks good, I go sleeve a light commercial we have coming up and finally head home about 6PM, stopping to pick up the mail on the way. Get home, open mail, find payment for insurance co.'s portion of cemetery repair.
I ONLY INVOICED CEMETERY LAST TUESDAY, they have yet to pay, but insurance $$$ are here.

Going fishing the rest of the week.:cool2:
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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