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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by olderthandirt, May 1, 2007.

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    Or repeating the past, Decided to quit trying to compete with the other LCO on pricing and went back in time to what use to be the standard and I believe will be the future for upscale properties.

    I decided rather than do a bunch of mow and go jobs in a week that we will consentrate on fewer jobs but become what use to be gardners. I've been keeping a guy at one property 2 -3 days a week making everything outside immaculate.

    So far I REALLY like the results. fewer jobs less rd. time and the profits are up.
  2. rodfather

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    I like that idea...with the right client, you could get many more referrals as well.
  3. salandscape

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    I've got one like this, large property, we spend 1/2 day to a day here every two weeks. I;m able to leave 2 guys with a list and I spend the most of the day doing small jobs, and running around. Id love to get more like this!
  4. eshreve1234

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    Mac -

    What all do you do include in your Gardner package? I am getting asked more and more about this. I normally quote, Mowing, Weeding, Fert, Irrigation repairs, pruning, and the likes. But would like to know what you do. Also, I normally quote a set monthly fee, is this how you do it also?

  5. Focal Point Landscapes

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    You are identifying what is becoming a very lucrative niche in the lawn maintenance / landscaping business. There are people willing to spend substantially to have one company handle all their outdoor needs - you are in fact becoming their part time gardener . These clients aren't interested in price shopping , they are willing to pay for the convenience of having you take care of everything . You can include mowing , blowing , edging , mulch , trimming and fertilizing all trees and shrubs , monitoring and repair of irrigation systems , biannual installation of annual color , installation and maintenance of perennial color , monitoring turf for pests and disease , aeration , hardscape and lighting , water features , pool maintenance.... there is no limit on the potential for selling additional services. They are harder to find , but you certainly don't need as many and I find most to be loyal customers who prefer a long term relationship. I work on a monthly charge for the base services , with additional charge for mulch as needed , tree removal , redesign of beds , new plants , etc.
  6. DuraCutter

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    Good idea. That's what I'm up to except mine are condo sites. I've been concentrating on one lately, they pay their bill in 3, so I've had 3 crews there full time, doing about 15k of work every 5 days. I'll stay there forever if they'll let me.:laugh: :laugh:

    Doing landscape, sod, stump removal with bobcat through brute force etc... fun :walking:
  7. Chilehead

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    I am soooooooooo glad you posted this thread! This is exactly what I am working towards. The couple customers I have like these make for way less stress and higher profit margins.
  8. GreenT

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    I started to do this in March. Working well so far.

    Not interested in chasing $15.00/cut accounts. :)

    I offer three levels of service. On the premium levels they pretty much do not have anything to do, I even change the flower beds and refresh mulch. All included.

    Like someone said, there is definitely a market for this kind of service.

  9. DuraCutter

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    Yes. That's what Older than dirt meant. Do more services, make yourself indispensable, and that way the customer gets all services with one call.

    Way less stress for the customer and way more profit for you.

    If I can't do a service, I'll try to line up a sub to do it and then will tack on an extra profit for my bother. For example, I don't do line painting for parking lots, so I hire a line painter and tack on 20% to his bill. End result, the customer has an answer with little leg work. They love it.

    I just happen to do it with condos, so the profits are way higher,cause they're not spending their hard earned cash... :) :)
  10. mrusk

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    Right now i am strictly Design/build. I am interested in getting back into maintence and these are the types of clients i want to have. If i could keep a 3 man crew busy 40 hours a week with 20 clients i'd be happy. I have no interest in trying to get 300 lawns and just mow and go.

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