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Back to Work Today

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Well after getting laid off last June today is going to be the first day back. I hope I remember how everything goes together :laugh: I'm sure it will be OK. Just some Golf work for the first few week's.
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Now that I'm back to work it's been raining just about everyday. I hope this year isn't like last year.
Welcome back. I'm sure it sucked being off since June. Not much has changed since last year. Heads still pop up and water comes out. It's hard to forget.
It was nice for the first few weeks being laid off, seeing how I hadn't had a summer off in 18 years. But then the bills stated to pile up and had to sell a few of the toys. I just hope we are able to stay busy this year. We doing Golf Course work right now but I know that wont last to long. I hope people start to spend some money this year.
1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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