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Back to Work Today

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Well after getting laid off last June today is going to be the first day back. I hope I remember how everything goes together :laugh: I'm sure it will be OK. Just some Golf work for the first few week's.
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Russ just finished a add-on for one of our double RM sites. I'll go down with the stools and wire them up this week
I did not know they made multi-strand runs so small. :rolleyes:
Boy you keep those toes polished.
Dress for success, I always say. :waving:
Thanks Jim, we're going to use the locator this morning.
This was a different site where we're locating for drainage work. We found all the valves (buried under tons of mulch) except one. If we'd had a TDR, it would have been a slam dunk. We'll go out to the RM site on Thurs. and use your locator to find our last missing valve.
1 - 6 of 19 Posts
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