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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Tlvoskamp, Apr 19, 2011.

  1. Tlvoskamp

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    I have recently changed my business focus and am mowing primarily small residentials. I sold my rider and am only now running 21" mowers. I have a toro proline that is about 8 years old and has been good for me. I was wanting to buy a new backup or primary and was debating between another proline, an exmark 21 or spending a little less money and buying a snapper hi-vac. I guess I am having trouble justifying the extra money in my mind. This is a side gig for me so I am behind the mower for 10 hours a week or so. Would you guys drop the coin on another pro-line or spend a little less for a snapper hi-vac if you were in my position.

  2. THG

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    I hardly ever use a 21" but the one I do have is a steel deck Snapper Hi Vac and it works very well. Between the two I would personally go with the cheapest one but then again it is very rare that I need or use it.
  3. BillWil

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    I've run the pro versions of Exmark 21's, Snapper 21's, Toro 21's, and Honda 21"s. All of them are, in my opinion, good mowers.

    However, I have had the most success with Snappers. They are a bit cheaper, a bit lighter, and I can always get parts when I need them. The Snapper is the best bagger when grass is dry of just damp and I like the cut and blade choices. I had a choice of the Honda engine, the Kawa engine, or the B & S engine.

    The Honda is a better bagger when the grass is wet. There isn't a chute to clog, just have to run a stick to clear the deck at each bag change. The cut is excellent but they are heavy and the price is high and I had difficulty getting parts with the four I have owned.

    The Exmark and Toro are fine mowers. The cut is good, they are as heavy as the Honda but they don't bag as well, and they cost as much as the Honda. They hold up well and I could get parts without too long a wait.

    I would suggest you look at each, put you hands on each before you make a decision.
  4. nobagger

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    We rarely use a 21" but we did use a couple a few times a week. We had good luck with Snapper Hi-Vacs but the new one we bought must have been made on a Friday after happy hour. The rear wheels fell off, the engine quite running after a couple lawns or an hour or so of continuos use and the throttle cable was bound up after a few weeks. It wasn't a big deal last season because we only used it on 2 lawns but this year we need to use a 21" quite a bit on a set of condo's so we just bit the bullet and bought a Honda commercial. If your main mower's are going to be 21" mower's and your primary mower is already 8 years old I would make sure its a good commercial one. Snapper, Honda, Toro are all good mowers that should last quite a few years even if used daily.
  5. Tlvoskamp

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    Thanks for your thoughts. I think I might lean more toward the snapper because I am pretty tall and I have to hunch over a little on the toro proline and after a full day it gets annoying.

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