Back up your DATA!!!!!

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by SpudsM15, Feb 9, 2006.

  1. SpudsM15

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    Man... I just spent a day and half trying to get this hard drive up and running again. But with no luck I have lost everything, My books(excel files) word files....all landscape designs... All my pictures work and personal, Music, video.....
    Very little was backed up, mainly because I just formatted the laptop which usually has the same stuff on it as a backup, but I've been outta the office never got around to backing up all the data!! I don't know if $500 bucks is worth it for data recovery....

    Bottom line is back everything up!!!!

    Man when I get the replacement drive I'm going to set this system up with raid.... and definately back up everything on Dvd-rws
  2. john_incircuit

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    There is around a 1% to 5% chance that a hard drive will crash per year. Sorry you had to learn this the hard way. Most hard drive mfgs offer a data recovery service but that easily goes into the $1k area. Alternatively, a fit IT person may be able to pull some data of a damaged drive for a whole lot less, but this really depends on what the damage is.

    Raid array may or may not help you, for most folks an $100, external USB drive is sufficient. The key is to setup the backup in a "round robin", where the consecutive backup is not overwriting the first one.

    We go to the lawyer to get the contracts right, we use the accountant to get the taxes right, but so many tinker with their own PC....

  3. jpmako

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    Just a stupid suggestion - Take it to the Geek Squad (Best Buy)
    I had an external drive crash last year and they were able to get me the Data that I needed. It cost like $50.00. I threw the guy behind the counter a $100.00 After I paid for it just because of the aggravation that he saved me.

    Just a thought,

  4. toac

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    you might have luck with a 2.5" hard drive enclosure. if you can pull the drive out and put it into a hard drive enclosure, give it a shot. sometimes it's not the harddrive itself that is bad. i work for a connectivity company, let me know if you need a hand, i should be able to get you an enclosure for a discounted price or even a 20 gig USB backup drive
  5. walker-talker

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    Never knew there was sung a thing. What does on of these cost? I usually keep a cd-rw in the drive, but lately I have found that if I leave it there for any length of time, it becomes unwritable. The data is still on the disk and attainable, but I am unable to write to it. I might be interested in a USB hard drive, but just curious what one of these might cost?

    What about a small flash drive unit? I searched them and found for $29 I could get a 128 MB flashdrive. It's not much, but mainly what I am concerned about is my routing software backups. It has all my clients and schedules. It's only about 6mb of data now. Would it hurt just to leave it plugged in the computer 24/7 and just update as needed? I also found some USB external hard drives for around $80 with 100GB of space.

  6. SpudsM15

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    I have exhausted all options on conventionally retriveing the data, One of my good bud's is a geek squad guy, we couldn't get it working. It is a newer drive which uses a SATA interface I haven't seen any enclosures for the particular drive...
    I was thinking of getting a network hard drive that is always on this way all the cpus on the network can back up onto it....
  7. dsmrolla06

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    Thats what i do. I back up everything on the server here at my office. Havent had my computer crash yet, but probability tells me sometime it will...
  8. grass_cuttin_fool

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    I use a flash drive and update as I go everyday.It was the easiest thing I could do since Im a pc dummy.

  9. toac

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    check out i just got a 256mb flash drive for 22.99 plus a $5 rebate. works great.

    the company i work for has the 20 gig USB fly drive that usually runs about 159.99. i think my cost is about $100.

    also, if you have a yahoo or gmail email account they give you 1-2 gigs of space. i keep all of my marketing stuff in my gmail account. if anyone wants a gmail account let me know. they are only available by invitation
  10. walker-talker

    walker-talker LawnSite Platinum Member
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    Thanks for the ideas again. There is something I never thought of. I pay to have a 20 gig email account. I can zip my important excel and word document and just email them to myself.

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