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Discussion in 'CLIP Software' started by AMAC, Jan 11, 2004.

  1. AMAC

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    Does any one know how to "back up" the information in clip incase your computer crashes? I have tried to do this, with no luck.
  2. DaveTucker

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    You should always have a backup of crucial data like CLIP. There are several ways to backup and any one of them would be fine.

    1. If you have a CD burner, simply burn a copy of your CLIPv folder to your CD burner.

    2. If you have a Zip Drive, simply copy your CLIPv folder to your zip disk

    3. If you have a Tape Drive, see your documentation on how to get a tape backup of your CLIPv folder.

    With the newest version of CLIP, we added a "Copy Out" function that will copy all of the data files out to a folder or drive of your choice. This can give you a quick backup of your CLIP but unless you place that copy on some removable media (zip disk, CD RW) you still have the risk of losing it if your computer crashes.

    We have documentation on making backups of CLIP on our website:

    If you send me your email address, I can forward you other information as well.

    Dave T.

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