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Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by surfisher211, Jul 29, 2005.

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    true i really do want to pick up a laser level , But arent laser levels only good if the whole are is to be set at 1 grade and level ? i was thinking of it and this yard had so many diffrent grades and i needed to get water away from the house. let me know because i really would like to pick up the laser level :waving:
  2. surfisher211

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    they are made by anchor concrete and its there london cobble brand
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    For the laser you have the reciever end on a blank or white painted grade stick. You can mark a line with a pencil and label it at what grade you want. You slide the reciever to the line you want grade at then lock it there. Lift the stick up or dowm until it beeps and the bottom of the stick is where the grade should be. i just did a septic system and had marks for bottom of pit, 1 ft stone, 3ft sand, 1 ft stone, etc. So while digging and at bottom of pit reciever is at that line, pits done slide reciever to 1ft stone mark. stone is being dumped iin pit and as i touch bottom of stick to stone and its starts to beep I know that is the grade to be at. then slide up to sand mark, start dumping sand and when bottom of stick is on sand and beeps I am at that grade. For pipe if you want 1/4 " per foot slope say over 12 ' that is 3 " . Bottom of stick on high end get grade with beep, mark a line from receiver 3 " down slide recievr there. Go to end of pipe and move stick up or down to get beep, bottom of stick is where you want pipe at 3" lower from other end. Long winded reply hope you get the idea, it is easier than it sounds.
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    Back when I worked in the concrete industry I was building a retaining wall footing and our laser crapped out on me.

    Let me tell you, going back to a transit for a day after using a laser is the worst thing ever :)

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