Back yard needs Re-grading Louisville, KY

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by Bob E, May 6, 2004.

  1. Bob E

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    We have an acre lot on the outskirts of Louisville Kentucky (Oldham county)and our back yard needs to be re-graded. We have some drainage issues.

    This will require leveling out some "mounds", filling in a large spot where a pine tree used to be and building up around the house foundation. I'm guessing that one dump truck load of dirt would be more than sufficient.

    I was thinking about trying to do this myself by renting a Bobcat and a tiller attachment, but I may be getting over my head--- Although the bobcat would be a blast to drive.... The rental for two days would be about $300.

    To top it all off our septic system's lateral field is in the back yard.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated... or a pro in Louisville area to look at this ...
  2. blaze347

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    How much dirt are you wanting to put around the house? A dump truck full is not as much as you think it is!
    If you don't need a lot of dirt, you could try using a tiller attachment on your "mounds" then follow that with a grader box attachment and "pull" the dirt up to your house.
    Check with your county engineer and see what they recommend for postitive drainage away from the house, usually its around a 2% minimum grade out to 50 feet.

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