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  1. osc

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    Actually, I had a kohlor rep tell me to idle the engine all the way down for a minute "and then" rev it to half throttle just before shutting off. My Kohlor will still backfire if I shut it off at low idle. If do ot the way the rep says, then I get no backfire. None of my Kaw's seem to backfire.
  2. MowerUp

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    I have a 25 hp Kohler that does this. My mechanic told me to push it back to half throttle and cut it off. THis works!<br>
  3. cantoo

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    Kohler's manual on my 20 hp says to shut it off at 1/2 throttle... If in doubt read the manual for shut down procedures. I'm not sure on the Kawi's
  4. Charles

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    My new 23 kohler. Backfires no matter what you do. Not everytime but most of the time. I idle it down and it still backfires. But was told this was natural.
  5. McLawn

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    If you shut down at 1/2 throttle you will not have a problem.
  6. Fishbige

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    As soon as you turn the key off, push the throtle wide open & it won't backfire.
  7. Alan

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    For what it's worth, my 25 Kohler (Exmark Lazer Z) would backfire like you describe. I switched to Amsoil synthetic oil and the backfire stopped. I theorize that their claims about running cooler on synthetic oils is true and the reduced temperature makes the difference. Incidentally, the synthetic oil is getting once a season changes and is not cooking into a thick black goo in 250 hours of use. Guess it stands the heat just like they claim too.

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