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  1. paulver

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    Well, I finally bought a brand new Hustler Super Z, 35 hp, 72" VX4 deck. So far so good, except for one little issue. It backfires every time I shut it off. I let it idle down for about 10 to 15 seconds and it still does it. Called the place where I bought it and they said it might need to idle down for 30 seconds or so. I've never heard of it taking so long for an engine to "calm down" so to speak. Anybody else have this issue on their Super Z?
  2. 360lawncare

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    Not sure mine does it too but not loud just a quite pop you hear... I have a husqvarna though..
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  3. puppypaws

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    Switch it off at 1/2 throttle, if that does not work try 3/4 throttle...I had one A/C engine on a Super Z (has nothing to do with mower brand) that would backfire if turned-off at less than full throttle. These are air cooled engines, makes no difference if switched off at higher throttle settings.

    I have the exact same mower, I switch it off with the key as I am pulling the throttle lever back, and have no backfire problems. The key is turned to the off position at full throttle but is being pulled back instantaneously.
  4. paulver

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    Been reading the manual for the Super Z. It says to let it idle for a couple of minutes. I've never heard of having to do this . I've always just idled down and shut it off...... no waiting and no issues. Can someone explain the need to do this?
  5. LR3 Guy

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    Mine can back-fire too , especially if I go from heavy load and then turn her off after 30 seconds or so . To be honest , it's a fault more than an idiosyncrasy.
    It shouldn't back-fire whatsoever . My cars , bikes , mowers and power equipment ( 2 or 4 stroke ) don't . Carbs or injected.
    These machines run rich under load and push out gas vapours in the final engine movements, after ignition is deactivated. Bang !
    If I idle it for 2-3 mins ( whilst clearing grass from the decktop etc ) then it's fine . My neighbour's X-One doesn't do this , but that's not 3 valve cylinder 1 litre .

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