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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by stevesmowing, Jul 27, 2004.

  1. stevesmowing

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    Hey guys I have a 48" belt drive mower, I am curious if anyone is able to back them into their pickup truck or if the belts slip to much. If they do slip have any of you tried a winch to pull the mower up? Also what ramps are you using? I have thought about a trailer but it really isn't an option for me.
  2. Trevors Lawn Care

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    check out what nortern tool and equipment has.
    I am pretty sure that is the name..YOu can find them online.

    I just recieved their catalog and they have some neat stuff.

  3. BSDeality

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    the belts will slip too much to back it up the ramps, hell, mine barely work on level ground.

    drive it up normally and use gravity to back it down. ramps don't appeal to me since i've seen too many mowers fall off when boards slip out.
  4. tx_angler

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    Yeah, what BSDeality said.

    I have a 72" Scag Belt W/B and it won't back up at all on level concrete unless you pull in back. We drive it forward into the trailer on the expanded metal ramp. It always rides in the front of the trailer with the 52" Cub right behind it. I leave the W/B in neutral with the brakes set and the Cub is parked against it blocking the 72 from moving around.

    The gravity thing will assist in removing it but be sure there is nothing to impede the process as once the W/B starts down the ramp it's coming all the way!

    I tried backing my 52" Cub into the trailer but it moves around a good bit, from side to side, so now I just drive it in from the back also.

    My trailer has 4 foot expanded metal sides all the way around so nothing is going to fall off unless I roll the trailer.

    Oops, didn't see that you were trying to put that 48" into a pickup truck. My 72 won't fit into a pickup without major disassembly. Sorry if my post doesn't help much.
  5. crawdad

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    NO! Danger! Danger!
    Back up, and drive off! Do you want to be above, or below, the machine when it slips?? Gravity is not always your friend. You will most likely have to do a little bit of a "wheelie" so the deck clears, as you are coming off the ramps and on the truck bed. You want to do this with a freewheeling WB, coming backwards down the ramps, standing below it? No.

    Whether you use ramps, or boards, you should secure them to the bumper. My belt drive Exmark went up my wooden ramps pretty good, though the ramps are ten footers. I haven't tried the Exmark on my 7.5 foot aluminum ramps yet, as I now have a hydro Scag WB.
    I use my ramps many times every day, and in at least this one rare instance, I know what I'm talking about. Not implying that you don't, just disagreeing.
  6. stevesmowing

    stevesmowing LawnSite Senior Member
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    If I should back it in for safety reasons how do I back in a belt drive w/o the belts slipping? This seems to be my problem
  7. BSDeality

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    i would agree with you crawdad, but he has a belt drive and 99 out of 100 belt drives will not backup a ramp.

    i'd rather pull a trailer all day than have to deal with getting a machine in and out of the back of a truck all day.
  8. txlawnking

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    Steve, you are asking to get seriously injured or killed loading a WB into a pickup, let alone backing it out of the truck.. If I were you, I'd save and get a trailer, or get one of those ramps that fold up to become the tailgate.. I've seen a guy that had a Murray tractor fall on him.. Broke both of his legs.. One was a compound fracture... And I guarantee, That a commercial WB weighs more than the Murray. Don't risk your life or livellyhood on this man...
  9. NNJLandman

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    Takes us two guys to use the ramps one controls the mower the other controls the boards.

  10. lawncare3

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