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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by kenlafitte, Oct 30, 2012.

  1. kenlafitte

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    My Craftsman handheld died. Read lots of reviews and purchased a Husqvarna 150bt. This blower is three times more powerful than my old blower and was very comfortable in use. Problem was when I would build up large drifts or work around shrubs to push leaves into the woods I felt it was pushing the limits of the blower. Found a local dealer that has Husquvarna's on sale 560BT for $349.00 and 570BT for $429.00 both units have same motors, specs on both are close with the 570 a bit higher. Main differences seem to be air filters, 570 has a waist belt that i really liked on my
    150 and padding is a little different. Has anyone used these blowers and do these prices seem good. Can you purchase a waist belt for the 560, Husky site does show belt can be purchased. Would appreciate any advice. Did not
    have to deal with leaves in Florida just Gators in my back yard.

    Thanks Ken
  2. Capemay Eagle

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    I cannot answer for the Husky, but I have heard great things with their trimmers and blowers. Probably cannot go wrong with one

    On the flip side, if you are open to options and a little more budget, you could check out a Stihl. They are incredible blowers, I am just amazed at the power of my BR600 mag. I don't even rake anymore. The BR500 and BR550 might be comparable in price to what you are looking at.

    You could also check out a Shindawia or a Redmax. I was between a Shindy EB802rt and the Stihl BR600 magnum and went with the Stihl from the advise of this board. Love it!!!
  3. Brules

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    I just bought a Husqy 570BTS and it is an amazing machine.

    I went with the 570 over the 580 for the increased MPH for scouring power.

    The 560 is not as powerful as the 570, the 560 is: 232 mph/632 cfm air speed

    The 570 is 236mph and 770 CFM.

    IMO, the 570 is worth the few extra $ for the extra 100 CFM which is what helps you blow the huge windrolls of leaves.

    I also like the larger/improved air filter that should help it last a long long time.

    I avoided the Stihl due to its 4 stroke type engine that will, at some point, require the valves to be adjusted - possibly more than once over the lifetime of the unit.
  4. kenlafitte

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    Thanks so much for your feedback, I went with the Husqvarna 560 BT, the store owner gave me a factory hip belt off a new leftover 370 bt. I installed the hip belt and what a nice improvement in the feel of the unit. Price was a factor for me, I just did not have the extra $90.00 and I could not justify it. Believe me I tried. The 150 bt did a great job except for moving the big piles.
    I hope to see a modest improvement over the 150. Also have a question on break in. The manual does not say anythig about the break in period, does this blower require one? Is there a difference between the Husquvarna synthetic blend oil with fuel additive sold at Lowes vs the Husqvqarna XP professional synthetic blend sold at the dealers. The dealer also told me I would see almost twice the blowing power from the 560 compared to the 150
    what do you think?

    Thanks Ken
  5. Brules

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    Male, from Oklahoma
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    I think you will be very satisfied and impressed with its power over your other one.

    On the oil, I don't know about the 560 - but I was told on the 570/580 not to use Stihl oil specifically and make sure whatever oil I use is = the Husq Xp oil as the 570/580 run very hot and the Stihl oil will not hold up to the heat and might cause premature wear.

    My Husqy dealer has a couple of LCO's with lots of Stihl equipment but they had dropped the blowers and gone with the 580's and they started toasting the engines. They narrowed it down to using the Stihl mix gas, once they switched, no more issues.

    Cost is the same, so I bought a 6 pack of them to use with my 570 and my Echo gear that I have.

    And with a 2 stroke, there generally is not much break in other than just use it.

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