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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by boozoo, Nov 19, 2000.

  1. boozoo

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    Way before anything else wears our on my backpack blowers, the straps get pretty gnarly. Problem: dealer replacement straps are ridiculously high. Any other solutions (besides tying the straps up with rope, wire, belts, or whatever else is handy - I already do that!)?
  2. Getmow

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    I was lucky enough to get a supply of old SCBA harness straps from a fire station.
  3. moonarrow

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    boozoo I hear where you are coming from I also will be interested is any solutions anyoone has
  4. tpirobert

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    I replaced a pair on an old Echo BP blower with straps ordered from a camping/outdoor supplier. Backpack straps have lots of padding and can be adapted to blowers with locking d-rings, nuts/bolts etc.. I think I got mine from, but can be found at local camping stores. They worked great for me and were far more comfortable than the oem straps.
  5. Runner

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    This type of strap is available many different supply companies and is relatively cheap. The padding is usuall salvagable, but if it isn't you can make your own even better with foam rubber. I've even seen replacement tube with PVC.
  6. I like the camping store solution/retrofit. Once you get the new straps give yourself some extra comfort and get two of those car seatbelt shoulder pads at wal-mart and wrap them around the new straps. Some are even made of sheepskin,but I used the cheapie nylon covered pads and worked just fine.
  7. Runner

    Runner LawnSite Fanatic
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    That sounds like an even BETTER solution, right from the start! :)
  8. The extra pads really make a differance. My echo BP is way too heavy to go without. By the way my wife thought of the wal-mart shoulder pads,since she likes to use the blower when she comes with me.

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