Backpack Blower Vs Walk Behind Blower

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by meets1, Oct 21, 2005.

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    Doing leaves of course and we use 3 backpacks, 1 sthil, 1 kawa, 1 redmax 8000. Should I buy another 8000 redmax or get a walkbehind blower of some sort?? IF so, what kind of walk behind blower is the best, power, ect? I have never had one so know little about them.
  2. topsites

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    I bought a Billygoat 10hp Intek my first year and it is a dream machine, thou here's what I have to say:

    If you get a Push blower (or walk-behind) you want at LEAST 8 hp, 10 is better but 5 or 6hp is bs for that price, thou the 5hp does about TWICE the work a backpack can do, the backpack makes up for it in versatility and maneuverability (the pushers don't 'flow' through the yard as easy as the backpacks).

    With a 10hp push, you can do at LEAST 4 times the work of a backpack, what used to take all day now gets done in an hour or two, the 10hp really puts out one tough jetstream of air... At full throttle, it is nothing to put my hand over the airnozzle of a backpack but with a 10hp, you better be careful because the airflow coming out that chute does not appreciate your hand on its mouth.

    When the 10hp cranks up to full throttle, you can really hear once again the sound of the fat lady singing 'the bs is over.'

    Oh yes, you'll need to be careful around gravel driveways, the jetstream of a 10hp will quickly strip the gravel off parts of these, it can easily move MOUNTAINS of leaves and when they're WET and heavy it MOVES them and it will punch a hole right through the biggest pile of leaves taking branches and sticks and baseball-size rocks and garbage cans with it right when you didn't think it could touch something, it IS that strong.

    It's like having your very own badazz hurricane on wheels, you need at least 8hp to feel it thou, 5 or 6hp is bs for commercial apps.
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    nice thing about the wb blowers is if you pick up a large commercial job you have a good parking lot blower. you could aways pick up one of the JRCO blower mounts for the front of z turn... then you'd be the shizzle....
  4. topsites

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    Once you've used the backpack for the last time and you come up to your FIRST yard with the new 10hp push and omg the leaves are THICK and you just know it's going to take all day... You just know this is going to take forever because every single time before even with 3 and 4 backpacks this yard takes at LEAST 4 hours and you mull about this as you concentrate on twisting your arm behind your back to force yourself to work...

    Ok, fine, I'll DO it you grumble to yourself as you grudgingly unload the 10hp push and half-heartedly pull the string hoping it won't start so you can call it a day and dang the stupid thing WOULD crank and fire and putt-putt-putt vroooom she goes and you turn the throttle back a bit off the choke setting.
    Sheee this thing ways a TON omg it is HEAVY this SUCKS you tell yourself and you can't believe you're doing leaves AGAIN this year you swore the last time you'd never touch leaves and this yard is COVERED solid, you can't see a speck of green through the thick of schitt, schitt, SCHITT!!!
    awwwrite you mumble as you push the blower slowly cauz it IS heavy and you settle down for your first straight-away push (you got to push in straight rows) and you gradually let the idle build up to full throttle. You then lower the nozzle and suddenly things change as you watch in amazement how the jetstream just cleared a PATH as wide as the street in front of your house in one quick swoosh, 20 whole FEET of inches THICK leaves are GONE, the yard is clear as far as you've EVER seen air move something, you think maybe this isn't so bad after all... And soon, not 5 or 10 minutes later you can't even FEEL the weight of the machine as the exhilaration of the POWER takes over your whole mind can't stop jumping from gleeful to happy thought, it is SO good it can bring tears to your eyes, and suddenly an hour later you refuel (it does eat some FUEL so bring 5 gallons of premium) and next thing you know the yard is FINISHED not even HALF the time later you THOUGHT it would take, you got so much time left it's unreal as folk like me do TWO yards like these in one day, solo (and with time for lunch).
    That's the pushblower.

    If you've never had 10hp push air, you have no earthly idea what you're missing.
  5. Cigarcop

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    You should write short stories, you had me on the edge of my desk!!!!
    And YES I've found myself living that exact story!!!

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    He IS writing short stories...I don't even care so much what he says, I just like reading them :p

    The wb blowers are great unless you're dealing with a very small property. You'll cover large areas much more quickly than you can with even a couple backpacks. And less fatigue for the operator.
  7. LB1234

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    IF you are charging hourly for leaf cleanup...why not get less of a blower...

    Food for thought....

    charge accordingly
  8. AL Inc

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    I've got to say the Little Wonder w/ 13 HP Honda is hands down the most powerful blower I've ever had. I've had the old style LW's and Giant Vacs, and there is no comparison. It was pricey, but worth the $. The guys who say the 8000 is like having a push blower on their back, haven't used this blower.
  9. proenterprises

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    I have a LW 8hp for this season. It is darn strong too, cant wait to test it out in the big stuff.
  10. dcondon

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    Briggs, Billy Goat for us.............. LOVE IT!!!!:)

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