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Backpack Blower


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Riverhead, NY
I have about 1 acre of property that I own and need a blower. Any suggestions? I was looking at Stihl but unsure about mixed reviews on the newer engines.Thanks in advance


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Melville, NY
I second the RedMax 7000 series blowers.... great equiptment!
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I bought a Stihl BR600 back in the fall of 08' and couldn't be happier with it. It's run great for me, it always starts on the second pull, the thick padding and light weight make it comfortable to wear for long periods of time, and it's reasonably fuel efficient for it's power. It powers through wet ground coverings or huge piles of leaves without a problem, and not to mention it works pretty decent as a snow blower. I wouldn't hesitate for a second to buy another one. IMO, if it's within the budget, everyone should invest in a backpack blower.


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Greenville, NC
An BR550 backpack is a great blower for a homeowner without having to spend as much for the 600. The new 550 has a two year commercial and homeowner warranty. All issues have been addressed and fixed in these units. Buy with confidence, buy STIHL.


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Marion ohio
Echo/shindaiwa both make good blowers. They merged last year so there line comes together.
Echo pb 500
Echo pb620
Echo 755
shind eb633rt


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Lincroft, NJ


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I'm not trying to push anything but here are my experiences. I have had still since 1992. I have every stihl i have ever bought and they all run just fine. The older ones back from the early 90s I have replaced primer balls, pull starter cords and carberator kits thats all. My kids use my first set of handheld blowers since the backpack blowers are still to heavy. I never have ever had to much trouble out of a stihl its great equipment.


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Atlanta, GA
Stihl BR 600. No doubt.