backpack blowers and ethanol

Discussion in 'Alternative Fuel Forum' started by A+Grounds, Nov 13, 2011.

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    Give Red Armour from shindwawa is supposed to now be the best to use with corn gas. I don't see any significant affect on echo 2 stroke equpment but I don't use those high octane gas. I see a little gooo in the filter but guess that is corn gas eating the inside of the tank and the groments and lines but no big deal.
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    bought a new ebz8500 today, selling the ebz8001 (never ran at full throttle) it was quite old too so i was looking to upgrade anyways. read up on the manual redmax's oil is a fd grade oil not fc grade my amsoil is (ill just go with redmax oil for a redmax blower this is going to rule out ANY fuel oil problems) checked with my local shell and bp. right now the bp is running winter blend fuel and it is 9-10% did not get a number from shell they will tell me tomorrow. redmax says anything 10 and lower ethanol % is recommended so i just got some bp. I'm doing exactly what redmax recommends so i shouldn't have any problems.... hopefully :)
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    to find no corn gas try looking at your local street rod web site, thats where i find mine.
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    I'd wait until spring to sell the 8001. Some noob startup will pay top buck for a real blower like that.
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    what i was planning on doing patriot
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    I had issues a few years ago until I started customizing my own mix. I start with the right amount of echo powerblend oil for 2.5 gallons of mix, add an ounce of marine stabil, and 2.5 ounces of seafoam. I run this in all my two strokes. I run seafoam and marine stabil monthly in my main mowers and every fillup on machines that run less than once a week.
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    FYI - Higher octane gas than recommended by the OEM will actually cause harder starting with your equipment. Higher octane fuel by it's very nature is harder to combust and thus the less chance for preignition and detonation.

    I'm betting your problems are carb related and oil related. Disassemble the carb and clean with some carb cleaner. Then reassemble and dump out your old fuel. Put in some new fuel with a 2 cycle oil that is manufacturered by one of the OEM's, not something you just purchase off the shelf.

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    I have had no problems with anything, I use redmax oil and regular gas

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