backpack blowers - whats the story here?


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hello,<p>I purchased a John deere bp40 backpack last month and noticed something. Its the exact same unit that husqarvarna makes with its name on it along with the same unit that landscaper supply sells as their own &quot;brand name&quot;<p>Was wondering if anyone else noticed this and what the story was. On landscapers supply catalog, they say it has a kawasaki engine, so does my deere have a kawi too, along with husqavarna?<p>Also, one quick note on the blower. On the air filter, carb set up, it has 'cardboard' gaskets in between the airfileter/carb and between the carb/engine. <p>All these suppose to be removed? They stick out and don't look like they should be there, but it runs fine with them. Whats the story with these, as there is no info in any of the literature that came with the unit.<p>steveair<br>


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I know Echo makes trimmers for John Deere and I think they make them for Lesco brand.


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I've had a couple of the Landscaper's version for 3 years now. Saw the same thing with the gaskets but I didn't touch them and there's been no problem. I figured if it wasn't broke - don't fix it.

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