Backpack comparison echo pb-770t vs husqvarna 360bt after 2 months


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I wanted to leave some feedback regarding the comparison of these two blowers in case anybody else is in the market.

Both of them are fantastic units, however, after a couple months of use I can draw some conclusions that may help some others who are looking. I am a solo op who uses these exclusively without any other user.

Price: The echo was about $100-150, more, it's in a higher class than the husqy, and is rated for more CFM and air speed. That being said, I literally cannot notice the difference. For the savings in cost I would not suggest buying the echo as the ratings don't seem to be noticeable, at least not for my jobs.

Startup: The husqvarna fires up with the choke on and a couple primer pumps. Once it's been run one time, it will start every time with nothing more than a pull of the cord. Even if my next stop is an hour or 2 away, it will still startup with no choke and run perfect. The echo on the other hand requires choke nearly every single time. It runs great, but seems I have to choke it if it goes much more than 30 minutes - 1 hour between run times.

Comfort: The husqvarna loses this battle as they have not quite figured out that offset throttle handle on the blow tube. It isn't a deal breaker, and it's not uncomfortable to say, but it's not as natural feeling as my 770. As far as having it on my back, they both seem comfortable and the husqy may actually take the edge on this as it has very good support and padding.

Weight: I don't notice any difference in this. THe fuel on the husqy seems to last slightly longer, and it has a half gallon tank on it so fueling up is not often.

Power: Again, these feel nearly equal. They are both right around 65cc, however, the husqy only has 631cfm vs the 756cfm from the echo. airspeed is almost the same.

Overall, I would not recommend spending the fairly ridiculous amount for the pb 770. It's a $500 backpack. The husqy can be had for $350 or less, and I truly am not able to notice the difference in power even though they technically are not in the same class.
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