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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by l3en007, Apr 2, 2013.

  1. l3en007

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    Hey guys

    Does anyone have a good idea for a lesco back pack sprayer rack or holder? When I need to throw the back pack sprayer on a truck or trailer its always a pain. Its such an awkward shape that the bungee cords always end up coming off. Any ideas would be GREATLY appreciated.

  2. Runner

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    Something like this would certainly be easy to fabricate using some thin metal plate for the bottom tray and a frame up the back (picture the bottom of a dolly). I think one thing that would be way cool would be to use some small square type C channel (or should I say [ channel) that would be along the bottom sides and back that the bottom frame tube of the sprayer would slide in to to hold it. If the one in the back was deep enough, a pin (or two) could be inserted to hold it.
  3. l3en007

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    Good idea. Im going to talk to my welder.
  4. RigglePLC

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    And make sure it is easily lockable. Yet easy for yourself or guy to use. You don't want it stolen. And you don't want the liability associated with someone who might steal it and vandalize the neighborhood flowers or bushes. Naturally you want to accommodate the pump handle that sticks out. And naturally you want to accommodate the hose with a place to secure the spray wand. Strong enough to handle a full sprayer, at least 35 pounds.

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  6. Mike NY

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    I use a rubbermaid bin just to keep it upright. Tie the bin onto truck or trailer. Not much as far as security but it keeps it from falling over and keeps the wand from getting damaged.
  7. grassrat

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    So in the back of my truck there a slot for a 2x6 in the bed liner that keeps it from falling forward but need to still tie it off it you turn the tank sideways you can put 4 of them which I need in the summer but my buddy just takes the strap and closes it in the tailgate and works great only an amigo would think of that !
  8. metro36

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    I use one of the 18 gallon tubs with rope handles. I put one sprayer in each tub and tie the tub to the truck. They keep the sprayer from tipping and the wand from getting damaged plus they would contain a spill if one was ever to leak.
  9. mr.lawn works

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    Jungle Jims sprayer sprack!
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  10. inzane

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    i wonder if anybody has used a greentouch bp sprayer rack? I can only put my sprayers on the floor of my open trailer, and its a huge pain. i thought about mounting one on the rail. they are around 100 bucks shipped i think. there are some good ideas above, but i don't have any room for bins to try to put them in, which would be easy and cheaper.

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