Backpack sprayer tips - what works for you?

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by americanlawn, Jul 27, 2007.

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    Seems most new sprayers come with every tip except the one we like. Most come with an adjustable cone nozzle which allows you to spray a "pencil stream" or fan it out into a "cone pattern" (up to a 12 inch pattern) that provides no product at all in the middle (missing weeds). We immediately switch ours over to "flat fan" tips (4 to 24 inch pattern depending on our electric sprayer setting). What do you guys think? Thanks. :cool2:
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    I have good luck with the cone nozzles. Yes, they don't shoot in the center, but for some reason, I never miss a weed. I guess for spotting, I run it a bit narrower, and for wider area, as I pan it out, I am scathing with it anyway. When I am spraying gly, for instance, when I get in tight to other plants like flower beds and such, I run so little pressure, that it is more or less just falling out the nozzle than being sprayed. When spraying insecticides, I generally run a higher pressure, but many of times I am still running a but wetter. Sometimes, I will go with more of a mist, depends on the circumstance.
    I have used flat nozzles in th past, and still have some around the shop, but I just never bother to use them anymore.

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