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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by thelawnguy, May 20, 2000.

  1. thelawnguy

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    Went to buy a backpack sprayer, they had Solo with choice of piston or diaphragm pump. What are pro and con of each, before I shell out 100 bucks I will weigh your opinions.<p>Bill
  2. For $120 you can buy a 15 gal 12vt sprayer<br>that you could mount to a piece of plywood<br>then mount to the deck carrier of your<br>eXmark. <p>Why should you be a mule carrying 5 gal/40 lbs<br>of liquid gold?
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    You know that ornamental bed and all those shrubs look like hell after I drove that Exmark through them.<p>LawnGuy:<br>I have always used the diaphram it will allow you to use wettable powders without damaging the pump. Wettable powders will eat up a piston pump. On the other hand a piston pump will produce 90 psi of pressure and a diaphram will only produce 60 psi if I'm not mistaken. Hope that helps. Oh yea, Buy the deluxe model of the Solo if its only $10 or $15 more, it's worth it for the extra that you get with it.
  4. thelawnguy

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    I ordered a Solo Deluxe thru Leonards ($99+12.50 shipping no tax) with diaphragm pump, since I will be spraying WP (Captan) twice a year with it for my dogwood and apple trees.<p>Lawrence, your idea is good for open lawn areas, my usage will be primarily for semi-dwarf fruit trees on my property. The few lawns I will use it for spot spraying are all under 10k square, take out the house footprint and garden areas and actual lawn area is much smaller.<p>Thanks to you both for your suggestions.<p>Bill
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    Hello,<p>I stick with the diaphram. Have a piston and a diaphram solo at work and bought them at the same time. Now, the piston one is leaking and the diaphram one isn't. Use them for roundup and trimec only, and they both get the same usage just about. Diaphrams will last longer.<p>steveair

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