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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by trook, Jun 3, 2010.

  1. trook

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    I am in the market for a blower. I notice that the professionals use backpack blowers. I do work on the side and may not NEED the best, but I like to purchase quality equipment that will meet or exceed my expectations and that will last.

    I realize that backpack blowers are more powerful than a handheld and they may be more comfortable if you are blowing grass clippings for 20 minutes at a time. However for someone like me who would use a blower 2-3 hours a week, is the cost of the backpack worth it over the handheld? What other advantages does the backpack have over the handheld? By the way, I will be purchasing a Stihl.
  2. ewemule

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    I currently run a Dolmar 250.4 handheld. It's awesome ! Lightweight and plenty of oomph for casual blowing. I've had it for almost 2 years. Many long hours of leaf blowing in the Fall.
    I'm interested in a backup and am looking at a backpack one for heavier Fall work. I guess they each have their place.
  3. JDExmark

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    hand held pro models are extremely strong. i have a red max hand held - does a great job.

    wouldn't want it for a prolonged period of time though.... that's when back packs come into play

    for the end of cutting blowing of walks and driveways - handheld will be fine and easier

    just my two cents...
  4. Grubrunner

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  5. suavematt

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    HAha... I'm in reverse from most.. I had a back-pack blower & went out & bought a Stihl hand-held blower & wouldn't go back. However, I don't use mine for fall leaf-removals.. just blow-clean commercial/residential side-walks & parking lots after I mow.
    It works great for what I do & is a lot less hassle; But if I actually NEEDED the extra wind-power, I'd rather get a back-pack again than a hand held in each hand. haha...
    Buy from a quality name brand & you'll be fine either way.


    ~ :cool: Suave'
  6. ajslands

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    I use echo back pack blowers so I'll recomend that to you, they hold more fuel and you don't have to move the whole unit to get the air flow where you want it.

    However, shindawa *spelling* has the most powerful blower on the market if you're looking for that.

    And if you're a major earth person then you could get the propane powered blower.
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  7. BINKY1902

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    I have the Stihl BR 600, its ok. Real powerful but you have to constantly put gas in it. It has a large tank but it burns it fast. My tube messed up after about a month of blowing. The dealer looked at it and said nothing was wrong. Funny how people tell you nothing is wrong when it's your dang equipment and use it everyday. I wish I would have gotten an Echo really. The Magnum is good on leaf cleanups though. Kind of a pain for just general sidewalk blowing.
  8. TMlawncare

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    For leaf cleanups and very large apt complexes we use the backpacks. For all other accounts we pack two Redmax commercial handhelds. The are lightweight, quick and easy to grab and go. They also have a suprising amount of power.
  9. integrityman

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    I use my Stihl br600 constantly and love it. It is great for cleanups and for working when there is a breeze. I love its power and ability to blast the grass off drives and walks.
  10. Sammy

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    Get the Stihl BG86.

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