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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by ed2hess, Apr 12, 2007.

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    Doesn't all controllers that have the 9V backup battery hold the date/time as well as all the other things that you program, when they lose AC. I know I could go pull the AC but some electrical components have a retention time where the stuff won't be lost for an unknow period.
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    Well if it has a battery back up, the battery itself is good, then yes, it should keep the program in place. However, if you don't change a non charging battery on a regular basis, then of course it won't hold the program.

    Now if you have a fresh battery, pull the ac and it's not holding the program, then you have a bad connection and the clock should be replaced if power failures are an issue. Otherwise, live with it.
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    Funny you should bring this up...

    Comparing residential controllers: Irritrol's Rain Dial Plus, Rain Bird ESP-M, Hunter Pro-C, and Irrigation Direct's DMC...

    All 4 have a non-voaltile memory to back up the program.

    The Rain Dial Plus uses a 9 volt alkaline for time and date. Lasts maybe 3 days of no AC...

    The ESP-M uses a (rechargable I guess) lithium battery that is non-replaceable, but has a projected life of 10 years.

    The Pro-C probably has the same lithium battery setup... couldn't find them saying that, but they do say no battery is required to back up time and date for up to 4 weeks.

    The DMC has a lithium battery for the time and date, but it has an access door for replacing that battery too, unlike the others.

    And all of the above 3 use 9 volt batteries for programming the controller when not installed and connected to AC. Only the DMC comes with the 9 volt included in the price.

    The DMC also has some added features the other guys haven't gotten around to: comes with 6 stations installed, self-adjusts for DST (programmable if congress changes it again) and has the best written easy to follow manual. Also works with the Hunter SRR remote and Smartport (I've proven that at home.)

    My conclusion? I'm going to order another case of DMC controllers next week.

    And if you need 9 volt batteries they also sell those with their brand for $1.59each in a box of 10.

    Now I just want to know what to do with all these damned hats.... I can only wear one at a time...:laugh:

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