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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by captaingreen, Dec 29, 2004.

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    I just upgraded my new 14' to a 16' tandem axle and only have about 3" between the ramp gate and the wall that seperates my garage from the kitchen, once backed in the garage. I am thinking of fabricating some sort of electric switch or toggle, connected to a light (or indicator of some type) that would let me know when I'm a few inches from the wall when backing in. Do they manufacture anything like this, seems simple to build though. Has anyone ever done anything like this or if not, what do you guys do? :)
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    sorry got to edit I thought you were worried about the back wall. What about those old whip style deals they used to put on cars , you know the old curb finders.
  3. PLM-1

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    i have a 40' storage unit that i back my trailer in to but i have another trailer in the back of the unit. i took spray paint and sprayed where my back tire needs to be when the trailer is in the correct place. something to that effect may work.
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    With that idea, you could just paint where the rear wheel of the TRUCK is if you're using the same truck all or most of the time. Other ideas include wheel-chocks and the tennisball on a string idea. Is there a facia or overhand over the wall that you could hang something like this off of? You could then watch for it to hit your gate. A low voltage motion detector would be one way to go, also. Those that are found on garage door setups is like what I was thinking.
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    I thought of the tennis ball idea but I'm not sure that I would be able to see accurately enough to not hit the wall (only about 3") with the truck and trailer length. I do like the idea of the motion detector. I'll have to check that out at Lowe's tommorow. How would that work, I mean, with a garage door the signal breaks and the door stops, what would the result be with a broken signal in this scenario (trailer gate breaking the signal)?
  6. Garden Panzer

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    Just get a cam... tey sell them in rv shops....
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    Back your trailer where it needs to be and get a point of reference on the side wall that you can line up with everytime. This might work but with only three inches to spare what ever you do is going to have to be precise. Hope you get this figured out.
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    Maybe I'm missing something by using gagetry; this isn't rocket science. Just use a "parking bumper" or stop made of 12"-18" long piece of 4x4 anchored to the floor. Placing it about an inch more away than where the tires will stop will allow for tire sidewall squish just in case you are backing up too much or too hard. I used this method for many years when parking my camper trailer in a large self-storage unit.
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