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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by wkbrafford, Nov 9, 2011.

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    Customer want whole backyard graded with one load of fill dirt needed. Two loads of topsoil smoothed out and mixed through on the surface. Winter rye being thrown down to make it through the winter. Have a bobcat and landscape rake to tear the ground up before i grade the yard. He has bermuda in the front yard and wants to next year plant bermuda in the back to match the front. He has a lil fescue and crabgrass in the back yard where we are going to smooth out. Should i first come through with some roundup a few days before and soak the grass good with a backpack sprayer or would it be ok to just to leave it? I know some people do and some people do not. Seems like if just till it all up with no roundup next year the old fescue and ol crab would grow back.I want this bermuda and dirt in A1 shape for me next year.
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    I would recommend spraying with Glyphosate before putting the fill dirt down. It will kill the fescue, but probably not work on the crabgrass this time of year since the crabgrass is probably already dieing back or already dormat. Next spring before you sod the back yard I would put down a good application of prodiamine (pre-emergent for crabgrass, at max mixture) amd glyphosate to kill whatever is growing at that time. You noticed I said "Sod" instead of "seed". If you seed you probably won't be able to plant bermuda until mid May. And by that time you will probably have lots of "stuff" growing you don't want. You should be able to lay sod anytime. We are in the same zone as you and we lay bermuda sod all winter if it is above freezing that day.
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    Thanks gus you the man. I quoted the man on smoothing yard and putting some drainage pipes down, and put some winter rye down. I don't know what he plans to do with his backyard but this will surely help him out on what his plans on his outcome will be. It is defiantly bermuda sod that was put down in the front yard so he might have to dig a lil deeper in the wallet and get that sod down.
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    Just got off the phone from talking to the homeowner and pitched him the sod idea. He was not digging it so i told him plant it in may and he said fine. Will post some pics after i throw some winter rye down.
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    If you are going to seed next year I personally would not do anythig to it right now. If you do the grade work now you will still have to do quite a bit next year at planting time. I also hope you are planning on hydro seeding the seed next year because starting a brand new Bermuda lawn just from regular seeding will take a while to have a nice lawn with a big chance of a hard rain messing up everything till it gets going good. I will suggest sod also for Bermuda if you can talk him into it. I will have to disagreee with Fireman Gus on using a hard root pruning herbicide like Prodiame on any new sod or at least 6 months before seed.
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    The only safe herbicides near seed or sod areas are simazine or Gallery. Root pruners such as prodiamine are not a good idea. Dimension is really not good because bermuda is very sensitive to the effects.

    Bermuda is relatively simple to maintain as high quality turf. What keeps it nice is proper mowing, adequate fertilization and irrigation. Lawns that are mowed with rotary mowers, not fertilized enough and dried out turn into weed fields. On the other hand, keep it cut at less than 1" with a reel, feed 1 lb of N and 1/2 lb of K per month of growing season and make sure it gets 1" of water per week, then you are talking about fairway or sports field quality grass. There are many selective herbicides available for use on bermuda turf, including ones that will kill fescue or crabgrass. However the main control for weeds should be maintenance practices that foster tight, and vigorously growing bermuda.

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