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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by KrayzKajun, Sep 2, 2009.

  1. KrayzKajun

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    anyone have expierence building a backyard playground? had a customer approach me about laying down the rubber material they use at playgrounds around jungle jims and such.

    they want the stuff put down and a playhouse, swingset installed on top
    i figure it mite be kinda profitable
  2. ryde307

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    Have't built the playground but have been aproached a few times for the rubber mulch. Its not cheap and around here atleast it only comes in bags not bulk.
  3. MJS

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    I think he's talking about the square rubber pads that are put down in lieu of mulch on playgrounds.

    I'd be interested in knowing as well. . . every time I've been approached about playground areas, I end up going with woodchip-type mulch.

    Helped build a few playgrounds - none of them for money - I would assume that prices would be more along the lines of framing/rough carpentry work.
  4. billwlod

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    Don't even go there, It gets hot and burns the kids feet. Ive installed it and have seen it installed at various places.
  5. White Gardens

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    There is play-ground approved recycled rubber mulch. Supposedly it's 100% free of metal and other foreign objects.

    I've never messed around with it, and only have ever seen samples of it.

    Might want to check into play-ground grade wood mulch instead. Or, I've seen some hardwood mulches that looked safer than the playground mulch.

    If your working on an un-even area, 6 X 6 landscape timbers make a good retaining wall if you need to either raise the bed for the play-ground. Just build them like you would any wall, except you could probably skimp on the base a little.

    I don't necessarily find them any more profitable than any other types of landscape installations. Labor + Materials + Markup.
  6. Twitchy

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    I've used it 2 times and both set of customers were very happy w/ the results. The stuff is not cheap, i think i paid $900 for a 10yd delivery (about 3yrs ago). It does vanish, especially if the kids go nuts in the play area. So you will get call backs to come bring some more to top dress. (= more $$) A rubber edge for safety, heavy duty weed block, and 4'' of rubber mulch and your set to go.
    **No insects and it dries really fast unlike mulch.

    landscape 048.jpg

    landscape 057.jpg
  7. Hanau

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    Playground equipment I get from Walpole Woodworkers. It's high quality stuff and I back it with a 5 year, no questions asked, warranty.

    Rubber mulch I source from KidWise Outdoors. Great prices on bulk delivery by the pallet load. Outstanding customer sevice.

    Anything else I need I source locally.

    I charge a much higher rate to build playgrounds. Reason is I overbuild everything and don't take any shortcuts when it comes to the safety of the kidlets.
  8. KrayzKajun

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    I know I started this thread 5yrs ago. Now I have my own kids and I'm in the design phase of redoing my back yard and putting in a play area for my two sons.
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  9. whiffyspark

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    Id look into something line pine fine or similar mulch. They have kid safe wood mulch. I have a daycare that has 6 inches of rubber mulch. That stuff gets tracked everywhere.
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