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    I have a mini z 19/44 that I bought new last year. I am trying to figure out the correct way the Hustler BacVac mounts to the deck. I know I take off my discharge shoot....I know I put 2 bolts on the top of the deck and one where the anti scalp wheel is located. Here is my problem or question is....are the two bolts for the deck supposed to be welded from the underside of the deck sticking up through the 2 holes for the blower unit to attach? I kinda made something temporary just to see how it would work....I went to my local tractor supply store and purchased 2 t nuts. I ran the bolt under the deck and screwed the t nuts down. Now I have a secure post to drop the blower on and then drop a couple of washers and then a nut to tighten down. Unless those bolts are supposed to be welded I can not figure out a way to quickly attach the blower unit to the deck. I do not want to leave it attached all the time as I have some lawns I do not bag so I need to figure out the correct way it is supposed to attach to the deck to make removal and installation quick and easy. I've searched for an online bacvac owners manual but all I could find was the parts manual. Any help or advise from other BacVac owners would be great. Thanks

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    There is no welding required.
    What is the model # of the catcher you have?
    I can look into this for you.


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