Bad box of Gator Magnums?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by ULTIMATE LAWN, Apr 22, 2003.


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    Just got a box of Gator Magnums & they are all seriously unbalanced.

    Balanced one set & had to grind deep to centre hole & a good section of the cutting edge. Tested the rest & they were all off like the first set. Will be returning these blades.

    Some unbalance is to be expected with new blades but this was excessive. Box of reg. hi lift Gators in same shipment was nearly balanced.

    Anyone had problems with the Magnums recently?
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    Last year I got 3 new Excalibur blades from eXmark. 2 were great, so I didn't bother throwing the third one on the balancer. Well, only got about 10 feet before I shut the blades off! Changed them out on the spot! Later that night, I put them all on the balancer again. One was WAY off. Turns out that the center hole was mis drilled (punched) by over 1/16" of an inch!!! This made the blade severely out of balance and took considerable material removal to correct.

    Just got another set of Excaliburs this Spring and they all checked out dead on.

    Check to see if your Magnums don't have the same thing wrong. I assume your using a magna-matic balancer. Use the little arm, and it'll tell you how far off the center hole is. There is a lot more room for error on a Gator type blade, because there are many cuts made with the lift serrations. One mis cut and the whole blade will be outa wack!

    Good Luck

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    Center holes are drilled correctly. I'm using the Mag balancer.

    These blades are all way off. Can't figure out where the unbalance originates. I had a similar problem with the first set of Magnums I tried at the end of last season but thought it was a fluke until I got this box.

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