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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by nosparkplugs, Oct 3, 2008.

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    Well I finally could not take it any longer so I drove to Hernando Equipment in Mississippi, about 17.5 miles from Memphis, did not realize BB dealer so close. Anyway I missed their two AOS 35hpcat diesels left in stock sold both last week to the same guy. The dealer had 1 AOS gasburner the 6000 AOS 27hp 90 degree v-twin kawasaki LC 60" deck, two lightnings with the 26hp kawasaki LC 52" & 60" decks.

    First if your comparing the BB ZT series you will see at TSC stores, to the lighting or the AOS line up theirs a huge difference in who the mowers are geared towards.

    The AOS 27 HP LC 90 degree v-twin Kawasaki 60" deck, was $8,995, and include a michigan suspension seat; which I must add is the most comfortable suspension seat I have sat in, I'm not sure about the competitions suspension seats features, but the BB's seat reclines from 5 degree's to 15 degree's something that I noticed right when I sat down very comfortable like a lazy boy.

    My first impression is Bad Boy will dominate the market in do time; especially with the build quality vs cost vs engine line-up. Without calling names the Bad Boy AOS was hands down the best ZTR I have seen to date, and their prices leave enough cash in your bank account you would have to be flat out unaffected buy these economic times to over luck such quality for the price.

    The AOS frame is massive, no wonder the BB engine line up is so broad right up to the 35hp cat diesel. No other mower frame I have looked at is so well built, and open to view as the BB AOS line. A+++

    The instant lift electric deck height adjustment, is almost to simple, and I felt "lazy" for the first time when it came to changing deck height:laugh: I really did not see any problem getting adjusted to such a effortless way to adjust the deck height.

    Deck design, at 1/4" solid steel, my 7-Iron did not seem so thick anymore. The deck hanging system has no lateral "play" when I tried to push it from side to side. The large turn buckles on each side of the deck are massive, and control the pitch of the deck front to back. With that said I cannot see how the BB cut quality could be nothing less than high quality; their seems to be nothing left to chance on the deck hanging hardware it's heavy duty.

    The Demo was short, my first though was the center of gravity does not feel like your as high up, as SOOOO many folks have said, nothing is lower than a Walker, and going up to the AOS seat height I still felt fine, very acceptable center of gravity. These BB AOS 15mph midmounts are bread to run, it did not respond well in tight area's; however i was comparing it to the Walker precise steering, nothing beats a Walker on steering. Dealer said I could not engage the blades in the grass:cry: after some S-turns, and simulated mowing around the building; again I could not see myself doing highly landscaped accounts right then; however this mower will shine in wide area's IMO. Mastering highly landscaped area's will come with more seat time, but this mower will be mainly used for wide open area's.

    EZ-Ride System
    The "death wobble" on the front caster was NOT present, and the EZ-Ride system on the front caster did not get in the way of trimming close to buildings or around the obstacles that were present, like some have said???. I would need at least 4hrs of seat time to answer if the EZ-Ride truly works; however it did not take away from the ride or mowing/trimming abilities of the deck. EZ-Ride is the added bonus in the design IMO.

    It's very hard to compare the BB AOS line up midmounts to the other major manufactures; because you get so much more for your dollar with these Bad Boy AOS mowers, that was, and still is my impression. I have never considered myself one to purchase "cheap" or "second tier" equipment, Yet BB has done a great job of manufacturing a simple, tough, economical, easy to maintain high quality, largest line up of quality engine manufactures from gas to a Cat diesel. So I guess I am "Steeping Down" in the business, no different than my Dodge Cummins to many:laugh:
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    thanks for a great unbiased review. i agree that BB will probably dominate eventually. they seem to stay w/ the competition w/ their R and D. i would bet that there is a w/b and stander in the near future too...
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    Just wondering how you concluded that it doesn't take away from the cutting and trimming of the deck if you never turned the blades on?

    "I would need at least 4hrs of seat time to answer if the EZ-Ride truly works; however it did not take away from the ride or mowing/trimming abilities of the deck. EZ-Ride is the added bonus in the design IMO."
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    Looks like someone has come to realize that there is some truth in what Bad Boy Owners have said for a long time.
    The EZ-Ride should not affect your ability to trim with the 60" and 72" decks while it does affect it somewhat on the 52" deck.
    I had the front casters wobble a few times at high speed on roads and sometime on rough turf. Reducing the speed and accelerating again solves the issue.
    The Michigan seat used on the Bad Boy is no different from the other manufacturers and it is indeed a very good seat.
    The high riding position makes one believe that the center of gravity is higher than the other brands of ZTR while in fact, the heavy frame and deck keeps the center of gravity pretty low. The operator is just seating higher and makes him confuse his own center of gravity with the center of gravity of the mower.
    I suggest you contact the customer who bought the two AOS Diesel and get to demo one of them and actually cut grass with it.

    Here is the trick to make zero turns on a Bad Boy with minimum or no tear of the turf:
    The Bad Boy controls are quite sensitive when going reverse and it is easy to tear up the turf when trying to make a true zero turn (wheels moving in opposite directions). The trick is to stop the mower and pull on both controls till you start moving back very slowly. Then push on one of the control lever while leaving the other one in the slight reverse position to make your turn. This will prevent the wheels from loosing their grip and tearing the grass.
    Make sure to keep this "secret" within the Bad Boy community, it might help the Scag owners if they knew about it... :laugh:
  5. Mike Blevins

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    I agree, Sounds like he went back and read some "negatives" on the badboy and now that he has a 5 minute demo and he is considering purchasing one of these mowers he has to downplay the negatives to make hiself feel good enough to purchese one. I also "demoed" a badboy back in the spring because of all the hype and my opinion is the exact opposite. But I got to actually mow with it and manuever up and down slopes, etc. The badboy can't hold a candle on hills with the Turf Tiger. I mow alot of hills. Plus I don't keep machines very long so resale value is another deal breaker.
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    I believe the AOS Gasser is understated with BB. I really believe its a really good buy. The 16cc pumps paired with the 27hp horizontal shaft LC kawasaki is nice. Definately the Lightning with the 26hp LC is our best seller, but someone looking at the TT, the 840 Deere for $12000, the Super Z, etc. It feels 2 times better than the lightning for the $1000 price difference. While we have sold over 40 of the lightning units and only 2 of the aos gassers, it is something we overlook too. My customers jump up to the Diesel from the lightning. I believe that to compare apples to apples from the TT, etc these guys need to put the aos up against it for a demo. What is funny when comparing is when you are comparing the price points. For instance when comparing Scag to BB just pick a mower from another brand, then go to the Bad Boy dealer and tell them the price you are looking at, then compare. I see most people looking at gas mowers spending $11000 or more. With BB you get a 28hp Cat diesel for $11295 or a 35hp 4 cylinder for $12195. So say you pick out a 31hp kawasaki TT for $11800 then you look at the 28hp Cat from BB for cheaper, you will be blown away.
  7. ALC-GregH

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    You can't pivot on either rear tire or you WILL tear up the grass. I always use the "k" turn to prevent this from happening. I've found that even if you have both wheels turning, it will still tear some grass up. Scag owner here, secret is out of the bag. LOL. :D
  8. retrodog

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    Hey, your wobble on your front wheels is an easy fix. Take your dust covers off, take the cotter pin out, and tighten the big nut a little. It will set it to higher speed setting for the roads. We do it to all of the fast mowers before we deliver.
  9. retrodog

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    Like I said, your dealer should have given you an aos series to blow you away. The lightning you demoed was $8295 retail with the 32hp Vanguard 12cc pumps etc, you should have looked at the $8795 to $9495 ranged AOS with the 16cc pumps, beefier frame, 27hp LC Kawa, or 35hp Vanguard, you would have been buying the BB. I personally compared the 26hp TT and the lightning myself when I bought my first BB as a consumer, and what sold me was the comfort level of the BB, the cut was the same, beefier deck, and the sheer price difference. The best price I got on the TT was $9800, and the Bad Boy with the same engine was $7495, but I admit the TT felt a little better overall due to the bigger hydro system and it felt beefier, if the price wasn't so much different I might have considered the TT, but if I was sitting on the AOS 27hp LC Kawa with 16cc pumps for $8795, it would have been a definate no-brainer, or even the 28hp Caterpillar for $11295............You didn't get justice on your demo, or you would have been sitting on alot nicer machine right now. BB's "hill mower" is the AOS gas line it has a pretty neat weight system designed for mowing on hills etc.
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    According to the bad boy dealers around here they do dominate! Problem is I can count on one hand how many I see in use! I do think they have some good features but so does every company! As far as around here goes they are going to continue to have a uphill climb against the others!

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