Bad Boy Beats Expectation

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by puppypaws, Oct 15, 2008.

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    I am going to tell it the way it is, and I have owned Hustler Super Z's for several years.

    I have the Bad Boy AOS diesel sitting at my house, and I have been running it for about 30 minutes in the roughest areas I mow. I am talking about small washed out areas where water runs down the slope that makes you feel like you are hitting waves in the ocean. This is an area I pull the speed down on a Super Z with flex forks and flex seat. Most all zero turn mowers would beat you teeth out of your head in this area. I went through the area at full stick just to see if I could stay in the seat and I did not come close to bouncing up, I absolutely could not believe it and no one else would unless they did it themselves. There will be more people than myself running it tommorrow and I will come back with their comparison.

    I knew the Bad Boy AOS diesel was a good bit heavier than the Lightning model I ran in the same area. I was totally shocked that the BB AOS rode better than the Hustler Super Z because the Lightning model did not.

    The BB AOS is a hoss of a mower, the extra weight on the AOS actually makes the 4 wheel torsion rubber suspension work better. The Lightning model has the same suspension but does not force the torsion rubber to work because it is not heavy enough to compress the rubber. This make the bumps jar the operator more, where the AOS being so much heavier makes the rubber compress and work the way it was design.

    The Lightning model actually needs a lighter rubber composition because it is not heavy enough to activate the same suspension setup as the AOS due to weight.

    I put the AOS and the Super Z side by side for a speed comparison, both say they will mow at 15 mph. I was running the AOS beside my Super Z in a waterway about 700' long with a slight uphill slope (very slight). We ran the mowers up the slope and the AOS was a little over 1 mower length in front, we turned around and started off side by side and at the end going down slope the Hustler was 1/2 mower length in front. We can all say the speed is exactly the same.

    The 28 hp Cat is affected by speed and heavier growth, the rpm's would drop noticeably, the same as my 28 efi Kohler would. The 32 Vanguard I ran on the Lightning model did not change sounds in anything but 30"+ tall signal grass.
    This is a 72" deck on the AOS while the Lightning was 60". I will tell you the 35 Vanguard will blow your mind with the amount of power it has. When my dealer was at the factory last week the BB people were telling him the big block Vanguard was unstoppable and the only difference in the way the 35 Cat handled the AOS differently was it used less fuel.

    I will say the Super Z is still the best handling mower I have ever operated, but the AOS does ride a little better with the additional weight.
  2. TNT LawnCare Inc.

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    Puppypaws ,i appreciate all the time you put in demoing these mowers in different conditions.

    But who is mowing 30 inches plus tall grass :laugh: and full sticking it into a areas that make you feel like your hitting the Ocean.:laugh:

    No pune intended pupster i think your Crazy Funny :blob2:Dude LOL
  3. Apples

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    Do you like the cut of the mower?
  4. puppypaws

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    The only way you can tell what a mower will do is put it in the worst case scenario. They are all pretty well equal cutting an inch off 4" grass at 5 mph. I guess you realize people cut in all type conditions, some may want to cut 30" tall grass, most may not, some cut when it is wet some do not. A large number of people would like to mow at a faster speed but can't stay in their mower seat. Speed is where your productivity and fuel savings happens to be.

    People mowing postage stamp lawns aren't interested in a mower of this caliber to begin with. That is possibly why mowing in different conditions does not interest you, it could be you only need a push reel mower.

    I can also tell you have never run the ocean in a fishing boat very much, if any, or you could comprehend the example concerning roughness in certain seas.

    No "pune" intended toward you, but I actually think you were attempting to spell "pun."
  5. puppypaws

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    The cut was good to have 10 hrs. on the blades. I will know more tomorrow, we are going to run a new 61" Woods with a 33, the AOS BB and the Super Z.

    I can tell you the AOS BB is a tremendous amount of mower for the money. I personally don't have use for the diesels, the 35 Vanguard A/C is a horse of an engine for a lot less money and no fooling with a water pump, radiator, coolant and hoses.
  6. Razorblades

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    I'm guessing that the Woods 61" mower that you're going to try is the one that Tomberlawns just bought. Anyway, I would be interested to hear how you think that the 33 Generac compares powerwise to the 35 Vanguard. I know it's not an exact comparison because of them being on different brands of mowers with decks that might be different in regards to how effective and efficient they are at discharging the clippings at speed. If you can, will you pay particular attention to the performance of the Generac engine and your thoughts on it. Thanks, Razorblades.
  7. puppypaws

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    I will already tell you the 33 Generac is strong, you may find this interesting.
  8. mag360

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    I felt the 28 cat was a little low on power as well. RPM's pull down easy.

    I was mowing down about 2 acres of grass ranging from 10 to 48 inches (thistle) in height today with our oldest machine---the trusty '01 turf tiger 25/61 and would have liked a little more power to the deck. It did the trick though, that thing won't die no matter what we put it through.
  9. retrodog

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    The 35 72 is our biggest seller in the diesel line, most people that want a 60" deck go with the 28hp cat, although I know alot of people running a 27hp gasser on a 72" deck and claim its plenty of power, the 28 diesel has way more torque. For the $900 more price point, its usually pretty easy to talk people up to the 4 cylinder.
  10. puppypaws

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    I would say the 35 Vanguard is so powerful that a person operating either engine on the AOS could not tell the difference between the Vanguard and the 35 Cat. The diesels are more fuel efficient but if nothing pulls the power down on either engine, I personally don't want the hassle of L/C maintenance.

    I was running the 28 this afternoon and watching the temperature gage and within a few minutes of not looking at the temperature an alarm went off. I will promise it will get your attention and the mower stopped. The oil light was on, and I said to myself this mower is not low in oil, I then glanced at the temperature and it had climbed high enough to activate the alarm. I looked at the radiator and could see why the heat crept up. I took a blower and cleaned the radiator good and blew everything else on the mower really good, cranked it up ane the temperature gage fell immediately.

    I ran a 33 hp Generac on a woods mower this afternoon in the same place grass was big enough to kill the 28 Cat. The Generac never changed sounds and the 28 Cat was in a constant struggle.

    There were some other people that ran these mowers and will probably come in and talk about the power difference.

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