Bad boy hydro issues

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by shakel65, Jul 29, 2011.

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    I am having trouble with my hydro’s on my 08 bad boy pup 48" deck 30 hp kohler. When I am on an incline, traveling on the side of incline I lose almost all power in the lever that is closest to the bottom of the incline, the mower will not keep the hill it will turn and drive down the hill. I also have issue when I am doing a lot of zero turn type of mowing. I seem to lose power on one side( it varies from right to left side).If I mow wide open in a straight line the mower does fine. Thanks in advance.
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    Sounds like your pump belt is loose. It is just one belt controlling both pumps, so it gives that feeling when it is slipping, or bouncing on the pulleys.
    On the right side of the rear by the wheel you will see a long bolt going to your pump idler spring. Just tighten up the tension with the 2 nuts on it if your belt feels loose to your hand.
    On the extreme side, just check around for leaks on the fluid, and check your tank to make sure it is full, I have lost power on hills due to my reservoir tank being low too. If those two don't work, jack up the rear end, and work your levers while watching your lines to see if there are air bubbles in the lines, that could cause eratic behavior in driving sometimes too. If that is the case there is a little trick to bleeding the air I can go over with you. lmk what the diagnoses is, wish you guys were a little closer....
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    we can see bubbles in the lines...we will check the other items but I think its air in the lines...Stator was crusty not allowing the battery to charge, we cleaned the connections, seems fine now.

    On the 3rd time out we threw an idler pulley on the deck. checking to see if we can get a Bearing shop to throw us a new one in without having to buy a whole pulley...

    How's our luck?
  4. retrodog

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    Dude the pulley is just 20 at any mower shop, prolly cost that just for bearing...
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    I will let you know if I need one. Can you email me the bleeding trick for the hydraulic Thanks

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