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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by puppypaws, Jul 7, 2007.

  1. puppypaws

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    This is a detailed user review on the Bad Boy Lightening 60"/ 32 hp Vanguard.

    If there is any questions I don't answer that you are interested in just let me know.

    This mower is very well built with full torsion rubber suspension on all four wheels. The ride is very good almost as good as my Super Z the only difference I believe is the Hustler is a little longer and the flex forks are a little softer on the up and down motion.

    The controls and handling is somewhat better on the Super Z but this can be a matter of preference. The BB is stiffer on the steering but I liked it once I became accustomed to the difference.

    The BB is a 14 mph mower and it will cut grass very well at that speed with good blades and the deck set up correctly. I started cutting this morning at 6:45 in very wet conditions because of six tenths inch of rain late yesterday afternoon. I cut at 3" taking off approximately 3/4" of grass, the discharge opening may be the largest on the market at 17". There was perfect dispersal and scattering of the clippings, no clumping at all anywhere and nothing to go back over because of any type problem, it was beautiful when finished.

    The reverse speed may be the fastest on the market, it will mow as fast backwards as most people probably mow forward and not leave anything, it is a little scarry at such a high reverse speed.

    I cannot say enough good about the 32 hp Vanguard it is extremely powerful but I also think a part played in the engine having to work easier is the deck design with the large discharge opening. The faster speed you cut the faster the deck needs to get rid of grass and this one does a very good job.

    We ran the Hustler Super Z 66"/28efi beside the BB and the Hustler was a little faster but in heavier cutting I feel assured the BB will cut just as fast because of 6" less deck and the motor does not drop rpm's. You would hear the Kohler fall back some and the Vanguard never changed sounds.

    These pictures show how good the cut is and I was very satisfied after we got the deck adjusted and new blades on the mower. This is very thick Buckhorn Plantain, scattered Dallas Grass and other weed combinations with some fescue and several wild grasses, very, very tough cutting. You could see a stem from the Buckhorn occasionally but as you can see from the pictures it is understandable and I was cutting at full speed.

    If you have questions feel free to ask, I would buy this mower for my personal use especially with this engine, I love it.

    Bad Boy Cut 001.jpg

    Bad Boy Cut 002.jpg

    Bad Boy Cut 003.jpg

    Bad Boy Cut 004.jpg
  2. GreenT

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    Sounds like a rave review pp.

    I might have missed it but did you have an opportunity to measure fuel comsumption?
  3. puppypaws

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    No, I did not measure the fuel consumption but it is considerably higher than the efi. I would say (a guess) 1.7 gal. per hr., possibly a little higher.
  4. Mr Priceless

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    Blade Tip speed?
  5. Rottman

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    Now that the deck is set up correctly, Which of the two has the better cut? If you were buying a new machine which one would you buy?
  6. rodfather

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    The real test will be how it cuts thick and wet cool season grasses in the NE for the months of May and June
  7. puppypaws

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    If money was no worry I would but the Super Z, better cut, better ride and a lot better fuel economy. We are not talking a tremendous difference except in fuel economy.

    I was mowing just now when it started with lightening from a storm getting a little close and before I quit I was thinking about maybe having this mower also, not that I really need it but I do like it .
  8. befnme

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    i have to say that i agree with the discharge portion of your review. it also mowes almost anything in any condition without hesitating. i do however dislike the fixed deck. i am used to my grasshopper with a chained deck and to go to the rigidness of the b.b it takes some getting used to. i still cuss it from time to time and i have had it about 2 months. the worse thing in the world is to scalp something just from your tire hitting a low spot.
  9. puppypaws

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    That is something that needs to be tried but I do not see it being a ideal deck in that situation, there is really not many that do extremely well except Exmark in those damp weak bladed northern grasses. The grass I cut this morning was soaking wet but the blades are still strong and stiff so it did a good job. I would say any mower that has enough suction for those type grasses the decks would need to be cleaned pretty often, there is no one mower made that is perfect in all situations.
  10. puppypaws

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    Which BB do you have?

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