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    Hey guys i'm thinking about purchasing a 60 in bad boy mower, and I was wondering if any of you guys have had experience with them or how they run. It is one of my customers I currently use it when I mow her 3 acres and it only has 50 hours on it she boaught it at the beginnig of year and I have been about the only one on it. She said she would sell for 2000 let me know what you guys think
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    well it is a good price but the quality can depend on what model of mower your talking about.
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    Hey, thats the zt model (I am pretty sure), really made for a yard like hers. It has a commercial 7 guage deck, commercial spindles, but the tranny is just a 3100, and the engine is the kohler courage pro. Really not made for the everyday, or all day use for that matter of a commercial guy. The CZT is the next step up, and is full commercial, along with any other bad boy in the lineup more than the CZT. It would make you a good back up mower to use, although I have quite a few guys using them for a living. Your only issue is the lifespan on the motor and the tranny for long periods of use really goes down. Just a good example, the motor and tranny on a CZT is rated to last 3000 hours, the motor and tranny on the zt is more like 1200, but most of the time comes in lower due to the low use of a homeowner (time will eat components just like heavy use will).... The zt is a freaking tank for a homeowner even with a 5 acre yard, but its really only a mower for a very light part time commercial guy to purchase. I do have a guy in Atoka that is using the 60" zt full time commercial, and has been very happy with it.
    All that said, if she bought it new after last year, I will pay you $250 cash finders fee just for letting me go buy it from her, possibly more expecially if you need some handhelds or something instead (I have Kawasaki and Redmax). lmk, we are coming up to the city in a couple of weeks for my sons cf appointment...., and dude, if its actually one of the commercial units, I will atleast give you a smooth $1000 cash for finders fee if you don't want. If it is a bigger unit than the zt, that is a sick price, heck, thats a sick price for the freaking zt, heck the motor is like $1600 even on deal on the net, and the tranny is $1000 on a good day, heck it would be worth $2000 wrecked as is not mowing....
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